Server Implementation

Deploy Servers More Quickly and Minimize Disruption

You’ve spent valuable resources acquiring the right servers for your organization. Now you need to install and provision those servers quickly to realize the full benefit of your investment — and to prevent business disruptions. Unfortunately, taking the time to set up the systems yourself can be a costly, inefficient use of IT resources. Dell can help with a wide range of Server Implementation services, which include:

  • Data Center Solutions — Hyperscale environments that require large server volume (for example, virtual server farms, social media sites and high performance computing clusters) need to be custom-designed and built from the ground up. Our team of system architecture and power/cooling experts has extensive industry knowledge, and we can engage on an engineer-to-engineer basis to design unique solutions optimized for your business. Our global reach enables us to help you lower your total cost of computing, wherever your offices are located in the world.
  • Remote Deployment — We offer remote deployment for new or existing Dell™ PowerEdge™ products. Through a secure Internet connection, we can remotely configure your new server to precise specifications. This service is a cost-effective and efficient way to integrate new servers into your environment.
  • Standard Server Installation — Our on-site experts will deploy your system, install Dell Power Distribution Units (PDUs), perform basic diagnostics testing, configure hardware, install Dell supported network operating systems (NOSs) and connect the server to your network. We can also provide basic rack-mounting services when no integration is needed.
  • Optional Rack and Stack Service — Dell can free your IT staff from implementation complexity by performing much of the testing in our factory rather than at your location. Before we ship your servers from the factory, we can mount the servers into a rack, finish the cabling, and install and test all applications. The server rack arrives at your location completely assembled and ready to provision. This reduces on-site deployment time and postinstallation waste cleanup at your site.
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