SupportAssist for PCs and Tablets

Support Assist

Get ahead of hardware issues with SupportAssist

For busy IT departments, the only good time to solve a problem is before it happens. With the ever growing technology complexities and device volume to manage, you simply can't afford to be surprised by hardware failures that put your business at risk. That's why Dell offers SupportAssist.

Available for Dell enterprise and end user systems, our SupportAssist technology helps customers reduce troubleshooting steps by half and accelerate time to resolution. Features are based on device model and attached support services offer, giving customers the flexibility to select the best SupportAssist versions for their environment.

Experience the full benefits of SupportAssist
When customers use SupportAssist they spend less time troubleshooting and more time on strategic projects.
  • Improve productivity - replace manual, high effort routines with automated support.
  • Accelerate time to resolution - receive alerts, automatic case creation and proactive contact from Dell experts*.
  • Gain insight and control - optimize enterprise devices with monthly ProSupport Plus reporting, and, get predictive issue features initially on hard drives and batteries with ProSupport Plus for PCs and tablets.
SupportAssist for PCs and tablets
Dell is the first company in the industry to offer proactive and predictive automated support for issue prevention and resolution for end-user systems. Available for customers that want to take care of a single device or support multiple devices for an organization, SupportAssist for PCs and tablets reduces customer effort and downtime.

Results from a recent study show the quantitative advantages our business customers will experience by having the maximum support with ProSupport Plus and SupportAssist for PCs and tablets.**
  • Up to 84% less time on the phone
  • Up to 58% fewer steps in the support process
SupportAssist for Enterprise – new version released
We recently launched SupportAssist for Servers – designed for customers that manage smaller environments, up to 20 servers, and do not have a systems management console deployed for monitoring devices. Receive all the same features and benefits with this new release.

Customers with medium and large environments can use SupportAssist with one of the following systems management consoles - OpenManage™ Essentials, EqualLogic SAN HQ or Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (MS SCOM).

*Requires ProSupport or ProSupport Plus agreement.
**Source: Third-party lab testing with Principled Technologies (Tech Support process compared against HP & Lenovo), Oct 2014.

Easily get started with SupportAssist using the Downloads and Resources in the tabs below.
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  1. SupportAssist for PCs and tablets

    Home users and businesses without IT teams can use this version to manage their own systems.

  2. SupportAssist for PCs and tablets at work (32-bit Windows)

    IT teams can deploy this version to manage alerts on behalf of their end users.

  3. SupportAssist for PCs and tablets at work (64-bit Windows)

    IT teams can deploy this version to manage alerts on behalf of their end users.

  4. SupportAssist Deployment Guide

    Use this as a guide to deploy SupportAssist on multiple devices and manage cases through TechDirect.

  5. SupportAssist End User Guide

    This guide will help users install and setup SupportAssist on one system.


  1. SupportAssist for PCs and tablets Brochure

    With years of experience proactively monitoring datacenters, Dell is now bringing you proactive and predictive support for client systems.

  2. SupportAssist for PCs and tablets FAQ

    Have questions about SupportAssist PCs and tablets, view the most popular questions.

  3. SupportAssist Community

    Access tutorial videos, support product lists, User Guides and connect with peers.

  4. Host Europe TechDirect case study

    Here how our customer boosted IT staff by 90% by using TechDirect to manage their support and dispatch requests.


  1. SupportAssist for Servers

    Available to monitor up to 20 Dell servers and does not require a systems management console.

  2. SupportAssist for OME

    Get automated proactive support on Dell server, storage and networking products through the OpenManage Essentials application bundle.

  3. SupportAssist for MS SCOM

    Integrate into Microsoft SCOM and Dell Server Management Pack Suite to monitor a higher volume of Dell servers.

  4. SupportAssist for EQL SAN HQ

    Activate automated proactive support for your EqualLogic storage devices from within the SAN HQ console.


  1. SupportAssist Customer Presentation

    This presentation explains how SupportAssist will benefit your IT staff and organization.

  2. Security Considerations FAQ

    Read the security Q&A to understand the investment we’ve made to protect your data and earn your trust.

  3. SupportAssist Community

    Access tutorial videos, support product lists, User Guides and connect with peers.