Dell Open Print Driver

Small Driver, Big Savings

In the IT world, time is money — and enterprise printer management costs a lot of time.

Administrators can spend more time in installing and maintaining printer drivers than on any other task in the IT environment. And printer management gets even more expensive when you add network workload and storage requirements to the equation.

Now you can reduce those costs — with one of the smallest universal printer drivers in the industry.

Get Big Results With a Very Small Driver
Typical printer drivers weigh in at about 15MB each. Multiply that number a few times and pretty soon you'll get a big workload. You can reduce that workload, dramatically, with the Dell™ Open Print Driver (OPD) — which is smaller than the 5MB one. 

Dell OPD simplifies multimodel, laser-printer driver deployment and maintenance for network printers with printer command language (PCL) or PostScript® (PS) engines. You can use the OPD to replace your device-specific drivers and to support most printer device language (PDL) features.

Dell OPD supports both color and mono laser-class network printers from all brands with PCL and PS engines. And, at less than 5MB, the OPD doesn't skimp on features. An easy-to-use interface enables you to:

  • Configure printers by domain or business unit, such as choosing to enable monochrome laser printers for the accounting department and color printers for sales and marketing
  • Restrict or disable printer discovery and specific printer functions, such as mono printing on color printers
  • Match specific printers with specific printer profile settings and functions

Don't Sweat Installation or Maintenance
OPD is easy to install and maintain. You can choose from two configuration options: 

  • Direct connect with Dell OPD installed on desktops and laptops
  • Connect through a printer server with Dell OPD as the default printer driver

 The OPD package includes a utility that enables you to create a single, preconfigured Microsoft® Software Installer (MSI) package for enterprise environments. You can preconfigure OPD before you deploy it and then update it on the fly. You can add languages on the fly too.

Download Dell Open Print Driver.