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  1. Cloud Client-Computing Solutions for Government

    29 Aug 2017

    Increase security and reliability while lowering costs with Wyse thin client and desktop virtualization solutions for government.

  2. Cloud Client-Computing Solutions for Finance

    29 Aug 2017

    Learn how Dell Cloud Client-Computing VDI solutions help financial institutions comply with increasingly tight regulations.

  3. Cloud Client-Computing Solutions for Healthcare

    29 Aug 2017

    Protect patient data, improve clinician productivity and simplify IT with Wyse thin client and desktop virtualization solutions for healthcare organizations.

  4. Cloud Client-Computing Solutions for Retail

    29 Aug 2017

    Increase security, sales, and reliability while lowering costs

  5. Wyse 3040 Thin Client Executive Summary and Data Sheet

    23 Aug 2017

    The Wyse 3040 is a highly affordable thin client delivering quad-core performance. Equipped with twice the number of CPU cores, the Wyse 3040 is capable of supporting light multitasking and basic productivity. This cost-effective endpoint features hardened, optimized Wyse ThinLinux as well as virus-resistant Wyse ThinOS.

  6. VMware vSAN™ Ready Nodes for client virtualization from Dell solution brief

    21 Aug 2017

    VMware vSAN is a hyper-converged storage solution that delivers a simple, elastic and efficient storage solution optimized for virtual machines or desktop virtualization.

  7. Your New Dell Office is Ready

    12 Aug 2017

    Dell cloud client-computing solutions for desktop virtualization enable your success by offering secure, reliable access anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  8. Dell EMC VDI Complete Solutions powered by VMware Horizon solution brief

    26 Jun 2017

    VDI Complete is a series of end-to-end desktop and application virtualization solutions that feature a superior solution stack and exceptional total cost of ownership. The solutions are built on Dell EMC VxRail and vSAN ReadyNode appliances and leverage VMware Horizon virtual desktops and applications. Wyse thin and zero client and OptiPlex micro form factor desktop solutions are also available as part of these solutions.

  9. Wyse ThinLinux thin clients executive summary and data sheet

    03 May 2017

    ThinLinux is the newest Dell Wyse thin client operating system. The enterprise-grade ThinLinux offers a robust and flexible network-edge Operating System (OS) while still ensuring endpoint security and manageability .

  10. Dell cloud client-computing and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

    07 Apr 2017

    Dell Wyse ThinLinux, based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, is thin client software that has been further hardened and optimized by Dell for thin client environments. Wyse ThinLinux is a 64-bit OS that delivers striking performance improvement over the previous generations, supplemented with a new, aesthetically pleasing user experience.