Children’s Cancer Care

Through serving our healthcare customers worldwide, we learn about medical trends and needs — such as the void of new, innovative children’s cancer treatments.

Dell believes technology is a critical part of changing this void and enabling more effective treatment of disease. 

Dell has made a multimillion dollar, multiyear commitment to help doctors and families dealing with pediatric cancer through our work with nongovernmental organizations.

In FY16, our children’s cancer initiatives helped more than 28,000 youth directly and supported 36,000 people indirectly.

We believe the resulting breakthroughs in personalized medicine will potentially save countless lives in the future.
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children's cancer care

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One of the partnerships we’re most proud of is with TGen and Beat Childhood Cancer to advance the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of pediatric cancer.

With pediatric cancer, time is critical and you have to think in terms of days and weeks.

We’ve been working with TGen since 2011, and with our funding and technology we’ve been able to reduce the time it takes to do a whole genome sequencing analysis from multiple weeks to eight hours. This is literally making a life-changing technology. More importantly, we’re eliminating the need for unnecessary or ineffective medical treatments.

At TGen, our Dell Genomic Data Analysis Platform combines high-performance computing and a cloud-based portal to help childhood cancer researchers rapidly analyze and understand patients’ genomic data, develop individualized treatments, and share their results with colleagues around the globe.
This is known as precision medicine, and it holds the promise of providing better insights for diagnosis and treatment, which can improve chances of survival and reduce medical costs.

In FY16, Dell’s support enabled TGen and Beat Childhood Cancer to launch the world’s first Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved precision medicine trial that applies upfront molecular guided therapy in combination with standard chemotherapy at the point of pediatric cancer’s diagnosis. This represents a new approach, as molecular guided therapy has typically been applied only after patients’ tumors have proven resistant to more traditional therapies. 

TGen is pioneering research in other areas as well. They have developed innovative new ways to isolate multiple cancer types, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders, and other rare childhood diseases. In 2017, it was an easy decision for us at Dell to continue to provide TGen the funding, technology and expertise to innovate and expand the impact of their work globally. This is how we have the greatest impact. We are extremely excited to see what further breakthroughs our technology will enable when it comes to research and testing.

Additionally, we have continued to develop and modify the KIDS Cloud, a distributed, cloud-based solution that enables medical professionals from all Beat Childhood Cancer clinical trial sites to collaboratively review information and create treatment plans. It also contains a patient portal that allows patients to view select information. The KIDS Cloud and high-performance computing hardware and software solution combine to create the comprehensive Dell Genomic Data Analysis Platform.

In addition to our efforts with TGen and our other partners, we help patients and their families in more subtle, yet important ways. For example, our support enables the children to use our technology to stay connected and keep up with schoolwork while staying in a Ronald McDonald House or another charitable location as they receive medical care. Our support also helps a child’s parents to work remotely or stay in touch with family while the child is in treatment, and provides doctors the technology they need for record keeping, data input of patient care information, and more.

Other Partners
Organization Location Description
Fondation Gustave Roussy
The Gustave Roussy cancer center believes in a three-pillared approach to cancer treatment: care, research and education. The Foundation is committed to creating new treatments by speeding up the translation of scientific and medical discoveries.
L'Institut Gustave Roussy IGRFranceAs the leading European anti-cancer center, The Institute Gustave-Roussy treats patients, conducts research and develops new therapies. Dell technology powers classrooms in the hospital that allow cancer patients to continue their education during treatment.