Asians in Motion 

About AIM

Employee Resource Groups are a program within Dell's overall Global Diversity strategy. Employee Resource Groups represent a community of team members who have common interests relating to such things as ethnicity, gender, nationality, lifestyle or sexual orientation. Employee Resource Groups must have approved charters from Dell Global Diversity & Inclusion and the Executive Leadership Team.

Asians in Motion (AIM) is the chartered Networking Group whose interest aligns with the Asian community.


AIM’s mission is to enhance the personal and professional development of Asians and to promote cross-cultural awareness and respect across all diverse groups, so Dell can improve its competitive advantage globally.

Participating Executives

Each Networking Group has one or more Executive Sponsors, who are responsible for providing executive leadership to the group and interfacing with the Dell Global Diversity Council. Executive Sponsors must be members of the Dell Executive Leadership Team. AIM's Executive Sponsors are Larry Tu, Senior Legal Counsel; and Steve Felice, President of Consumer & Small Medium Business.


AIM’s initiatives for this year include the following:

  • Grow future leadership at Dell by:
    • Increasing the professional knowledge and skills of the AIM membership
    • Promoting Asian talent, raising awareness of job and leadership opportunities
  • Broadening cultural awareness by:
    • Connecting AIM members to each other, to Dell and to the external community
    • Supporting Dell’s multicultural marketing, product development and branding

AIM addresses these initiatives through the efforts of members who volunteer to serve as a Core Team Member (up to five Core Team Members per initiative), with lots of support from the general members of AIM.

Support to Dell

AIM members provide support to Dell through professional development programs that enhance the professional competencies of AIM members and provide opportunities for networking. This included participating in the inaugural Cross-Networking Group Leadership Development Series, a six-month program that provides opportunities to develop leadership skills, guest speakers, creative thinking, problem solving and networking.

Cultural Awareness

AIM leads the planning and execution of Dell’s annual observance of Asian Pacific Heritage Month each May. These observances recognize the contributions of Asians each year. A recent observance for Asian Pacific Heritage Month featured a presentation by Connie Chung, former news anchor at CBS News. Ms. Chung talked about her background, and the challenges she faced growing up at a time when women and those in a minority group had difficulty getting equal and fair opportunities in the workplace.

Community Involvement

In addition to planning and supporting internal events, AIM members are also active in events in the communities where Dell team members live and work. Examples of this include making donations of food or money for Dell’s annual Can Hunger food drive and supporting the annual Dragon Boat Festival in Austin, TX.