Dell believes that in order to be a successful company and a great place to work, our business must be able to leverage the similarities and differences of all team members. To achieve that, our CEO, Michael Dell, and Dell’s Global Diversity Council drive diversity initiatives throughout our company.

The Global Diversity Council reviews policies, action plans and progress to ensure that Dell continues to leverage diversity to its competitive advantage and that diversity is integrated throughout our business. The group also consults customers, business partners and employees from global best practices and standards for feedback.

Additionally, more than 1500 executives, managers and employees participate on cross-functional teams to ensure that diversity is integrated into every aspect of our business. These teams exchange best practices, promote accountability and align Dell's diversity initiatives with divisional and corporate objectives across the company.

Dell's diversity initiatives focus on three business imperatives:
  • To provide a great customer experience, which requires a workforce reflective of our customers
  • To access the best and brightest talent the marketplace has to offer
  • To focus on global expansion with employees who understand the various cultures, giving us a competitive advantage


 Michael Dell

Our commitment to diversity is driven throughout the company by our founder, Michael Dell, who chairs the Dell Global Diversity Council.