The Employee Resource Group program connects Dell team members who share common ethnicity, gender, nationality, lifestyle or sexual orientation. Members offer each other a broader scope for personal and professional development through mentoring, volunteerism and community involvement. The groups are intended to improve employee communication and foster an inclusive work environment. In addition, Dell employee resource groups are active in supporting, piloting and implementing several company programs. Dell employee resource groups also serve as advocates for inclusion and are active in supporting, piloting and implementing several programs aligned with the company strategy.

Our Employee Resource Groups contribute in ways that help us hire, retain and develop our diverse workforce. By helping us embrace similarities and differences, Employee Resource Groups allow us to build an inspired and productive team reflective of our customers worldwide.

Each group must have an approved charter from Global Diversity and Inclusion and the Executive Leadership Team.

Benefits to Dell Team Members

These groups can provide Dell team members with additional opportunities to network with other team members from around the company. Members provide each other with encouragement and an enhanced sense of belonging through informal mentoring and broadening access to personal and professional development and growth.

Benefits to Dell

Through the support of these groups, Dell looks forward to increased team member development, increased retention of the best and brightest talent, and referrals of other talented, diverse team members. These groups can help to create a more inclusive work environment, improve communication among team members and enhance understanding of all team members about the value of diversity. Additionally, these groups can be a resource to Dell in areas such as marketing and product development.

Employee Resource Groups are a strategic priority within Dell’s overall Global Diversity and Inclusion strategy, which focuses on a commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen. We believe that they help build a more inclusive workplace. Here is a list of our current structure:

  • Adelante — for team members whose interests align with the Hispanic community (U.S.)
  • Asians in Motion (AIM) — for team members whose interests align with the Asian community (U.S.)
  • Building Relationships in Diverse Group Environments (BRIDGE) — for team members whose interests align with the African-American community (U.S.)
  • Partnering for Respect of Individuality in the Dell Environment (Pride) — for team members whose interests align with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (U.S. and Brazil)
  • Women in Search of Excellence (WISE) — for team members whose interests align with women’s issues [U.S., Latin America, Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) European Women Network Group]
  • True Ability — for team members whose interests align with people impacted by disability or special needs (Brazil and U.S.)
  • Virtus — for team members whose interests align with the United States Military or who are veterans themselves
  • Planet — for team members whose interests align with environmental sustainability and the green movement

To help develop and retain an important pipeline, Dell has established an Employee Resource Group Leadership Series. The Leadership Series is a six-month program that provides current leaders with a platform to share their expertise, learn from others by challenging conventional thinking and build leadership capabilities through action. This series allows Dell to build a diverse pipeline for our next wave of leadership. Our senior leaders are personally involved with this program and have taken extended periods of time to facilitate classes on leadership, the difference between managers and leaders, innovation, and ways in which up-and-coming leaders can use their diversity to help Dell win.