True Ability Networking GroupDefining and qualifying disabilities is challenging, to say the least. But according to estimates of the World Health Organization, there are around 100 million people in the world today that may be considered moderately or severely disabled. It may be surprising to note that it is thought to be the third-largest social group in the United States, after people with Hispanic and African-American origin and it is a large population in the rest of the world as well. However the debate on definitions and demographics goes, it is clear that this is a large portion of the society, and hence the existence of True Ability.

The group was created in 2007 by Dell team members in Brazil, and is now officially recognized as a global Dell Employee Resource Group. A U.S. chapter was subsequently launched in 2010.

In its first months of activity, True Ability focused on mobility barriers and safety issues found in the Brazil site. Badge readers were relocated, doorways were redesigned, uneven floor spots were leveled and electrical installations in some meeting rooms were rearranged.

The True Ability vision goes beyond improving physical accessibility at Dell sites. The team members of True Ability believe that they can help make Dell a more welcoming place for people with different kinds of impairments. They are asking questions like, “Are we prepared to offer them adequate workstations?” and, “Is Dell familiar with the accessibility guidelines and assistive technologies that our own industry creates?” True Ability believes Dell, being a technology company, should always be able to answer those questions affirmatively and is taking positive action to make it happen.