Contact Information

Please contact the Dell Partners listed below to purchase Dell products in your country
Commercial Distributors
InfoSoft Systems Sh.a 
DASP_sml_banner_150x17Distributor Contact: Bledar Dhima
E-mail: bdhima@infosoftgroup.com.al
Distributor Head Office:Infosoft Systems Sh.a, Toptani, Gjergji Xentre, Tirana, Albania
Phone: 3554251180
Fax: +3554232990
Web Site:www.infosoftgroup.com.al
SAN shpk
DASP_sml_banner_150x17Distributor Contact:Mr. Jordan Caci, Managing Director
Distributor Head Office:Pjeter Bogdani 39/1, Tirana, Albania
Phone:355 42257 150 / 51
Fax:355 42257 152
DASP_sml_banner_150x17Distributor Contact:Amneris Dino, Managing Director
Distributor Head Office:Rr. Asim Vokshi 33, Tirana, Albania
Phone:355 4 223 8530
Fax:355 4 223 3160
Web Site:www.sinteza-al.com
Consumer and Small Business Distributors
ITD Sh.p.k
DASP_sml_banner_150x17Distributor Contact:Kastriot Buci
Distributor Head Office:Gjergji Center, Rr."Murat Toptani", Tirana, Albania
Phone:355 4 2 234025
Fax:355 4 2 235113
Web Site:www.itd-al.com