Dell Precision: Computer Aided Design (CAD)

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Dell Precision workstations power leading surfboard maker’s designs.
Computer Aided Design (CAD) powered by Dell Precision
Dell Precision workstations help you reduce prototyping costs, increase product iterations, and achieve more accurate simulations. You need technology that is:
  • Ready for your software, ISV certified & optimized.
  • Dependable, serviceable designs featuring easy. access panels and optimal air-flow chassis.
  • Hardware that continually adjusts to maximize speed and power efficiency.
Computer Aided Design (CAD) powered by Dell Precision
Why choose Dell?    Why choose Dell?
  • Dell Precision Performance Optimizer: Get up to 57% faster performance with Dell Precision Performance Optimizer which tunes your hardware to specific workstation applications, like Dassault Systemes® SolidWorks®.
  • ISV- Certifications: Readiness to work with a comprehensive list of 2D & 3D CAD software providers.
  • Dell Reliable Memory Technology: Error Correcting Code memory isolates naturally occurring errors & prevents them from contributing to system crashes.

Solutions for Dassault Systemes SolidWorks®

Dell Precision T3610 Fixed WorkstationDell Precision T3610 Fixed Workstation
• Dell Precision T3610 Fixed Workstation Intel® Xeon® for high clock speed & turbo capability for superior performance
• Better performance graphics for fast response on more complex models
• More memory for larger data sets

Dell Precision M4800 Mobile Workstation Dell Precision M4800 Mobile Workstation
• High-end Quad core processor with Turbo boost for singled threaded 3D CAD operations
• Professional OpenGL graphics for complex models
• 15" Quad HD+ screen for higher resolution viewing of complex CAD models
• High performance SSD storage for faster loading of large parts & assemblies


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