Help Me Choose: Monitors

Dell E Series Monitors
  • Astounding value displays delivering excellent display performance
  • A mix of Digital Visual Interface (DVI) and VGA connectivity

Dell G-Series Monitors
  • ENERGY STAR® 5.0, halogen-reduced, Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Gold
  • Power-saving features: ambient-light sensor, user-selectable power management modes, PowerNap and dynamic dimming features
  • Recyclable materials and brominated flame retardant (BFR)/CFR/polyvinyl chloride (PVC) free
  • LCD panel uses white LED backlight for mercury-free materials and reduced energy consumption
  • A mix of DVI and VGA connectivity

Dell P-Series Monitors
  • Height-adjustable stand (HAS) and USB ports deliver convenience and flexibility
  • For corporate customers who value higher resolution 16:9 aspect ratio
  • ENERGY STAR® 5.0, halogen-reduced, EPEAT Gold
  • Easy connectivity to peripherals through USB ports
  • A mix of DVI and VGA connectivity

Dell UltraSharp Monitors
  • High-performance panels delivering premium front-of-screen display performance and outstanding color
  • Digital display with ultraperformance and flexibility for specialized workforce
  • HAS with tilt, swivel and portrait viewing options (image #1 below)
  • Multiple digital connectivity options (DVI-D, VGA, S-video, High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection [HDCP])
  • 4-port USB hub, 9-in-2 media card slot (image #2 below)

Monitor Tri View

Dell UltraSharp Series Viewing Options
  • Tilt forward and back
  • Vertical height adjustments
  • Horizontal swivel

Dell UltraSharp Series USB Hub/Media Card Slot (close-up view)

Monitor Side View

DisplayPort Overview


DisplayPort is an innovative standard graphic interface for both audio and video. It is a small, single connector plug-and-play solution for connecting a PC to many types of products including digital displays and projectors. DisplayPort enables digital picture quality on flat panels and supports large screens with smart cable management. To take advantage of the DisplayPort interface, Dell offers several flat panels that receive a DisplayPort connection in a 24" (2408WFP), 27" (2709W) and 30" (3008WFP) sizes.


  • Digital plug and play, no thumb screws
  • 2x the scalable performance compared to DVI (single link)
  • No more messy cables — single cable connectivity to multiple devices
  • Forward looking — designed to replace DVI, Low Voltage Differentials (LVDs) and VGA in future

Why Go With a Widescreen?
  • Up to 20 percent more viewing area — see more content and enable side-by-side viewing, which can result in less toggling and greater productivity
  • Exceptional value. Better viewing — for a small incremental price, you can see more columns and content area
  • From mobility to desktop productivity — consistent viewing experience when notebook is hooked up to a widescreen monitor

Why Dual Display?
  • Twice the display area enables higher productivity
  • Two primary usages:
    1. Clone — same image on each display
    2. Extended desktop mode — Windows desktop view across multiple displays for multiapplication viewing

Energy-Efficient Panels
Many Dell flat panels are both ENERGY STAR and EPEAT compliant, and were designed with the environment in mind. Flat panels are more energy-efficient than traditional cathode-ray tube (CRT) monitors.
Dell has been working with key resin suppliers to evaluate and qualify plastics containing post-consumer recycled content. Recycled content materials must be BFR-free and meet applicable fire-safety requirements.

Premium Panel Guarantee for UltraSharp
Dell offers a Premium Panel Guarantee that ensures zero "bright pixel" defects on your UltraSharp monitor purchased from Dell. Even if only one bright pixel is found, a free monitor exchange is guaranteed during the Limited Hardware Warranty* period. The Premium Panel Guarantee is available for UltraSharp monitors sold with systems or as stand-alone units purchased direct from Dell, and is included with Dell's standard 3-year Limited Hardware Warranty. Customers who purchase a 4th or 5th year extended Limited Hardware Warranty can also take advantage of this coverage for the duration of the Limited Hardware Warranty period.

To save space and streamline cable management, Dell OptiPlex offers all-in-one (AIO) monitor options for deployment in even the tightest environments.

The AIO monitor stand option offers a small PC footprint and improved cable organization over traditional PC implementations, with a unique cable cover to route cables easily (offered on ultrasmall form factor/USFF and small form factor/SFF AIO panel options), as well as end-user flexibility and cable lock security in a sleek design. So if you need multiple OptiPlex systems grouped together or even just one, the AIO panel and stand combination may be the perfect fit for your environment.

OptiPlex USFF AIO Stand
is available in a 17" and 19" panel combination and includes a cable cover secured via a lock slot. The system mounts behind the display on the monitor stand with two screws, allowing the system and display to fit into a compact space. Combined with the extended cable cover, this is a sleek setup.

Pictured: Dell USFF AIO stand (OptiPlex 755 and 760 USFF)
  • Offered with Dell 17" and 19" wide UltraSharp displays
  • Cable cover pictured on right
Monitor Tri View Side by side

OptiPlex SFF AIO stand is available in 19" wide or 22" wide panel combinations and includes a cable cover secured via a lock slot. The system mounts behind the display on the monitor stand with a snap-in lock mechanism enabling easy installation. The self-latching PC mount also enables easy serviceability with a single-step to unlock the chassis and cable cover. A single Kensington® lock (sold separately) can secure chassis and cable cover. A built-in accessory tray on the monitor stand further reduces the footprint of this AIO combination. With height adjustability and 360-degree pan functionality, the SFF AIO stand for the OptiPlex 960 enables the ultimate in end-user flexibility.
Pictured: Dell SFF AIO stand (OptiPlex 960 SFF)
  • Offered with 19" wide and 22" wide UltraSharp displays
Monitor Side View Stand