Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I determine the trade-in reward I can get?

A. Available rewards relate to the Qualifying Product purchased under this promotion and set out here but customers can determine the individual reward they can receive online at the claim platform, by entering the details of the Qualifying Product they have purchased and the type and condition of the equipment to be traded in.

Q. Who can take part in the promotion?

A. This promotion is aimed at Dell customers. Customer must be the owner of the IT equipment that it seeks to trade in. Larger enterprise customers or customers from the public sector can get more information about the Dell Value Recovery programme from their Dell contact, or from their Dell Service Partner. Information about Dell and its commitment to environmental protection can be found on the following website:

Q. What do I have to do to qualify for the promotion?

A. To qualify for the promotion you must complete and submit your online claim within 21 days of the date on your invoice. Upon completing your claim, you will be provided with a prepaid, preaddressed postage label via email. Please use this label to return the following items:

A completed, signed and dated claim form (generated during the online claim process)

A copy of your receipt or invoice for your Qualifying purchase

Your trade-in IT equipment, including the mains adapter, leads and any other accessories

Q. Must I have purchased new equipment from Dell in advance?

A. Participation in this promotion does require the purchase of a new Dell product.

Q. How do I receive my reward?

A. The reward is transferred electronically to the customer within 40 days of their claim being validated. The customer will be notified by email once their claim has been validated.

Q. Which trade-in equipment is accepted in the promotion?

A. Functional trade-in equipment is accepted as per the details set out in the Terms & Conditions of this promotion to be found on this website. Your trade-in product must be an equivalent product for the product you have purchased, for example if you have purchased a printer you must trade in a printer, if you have purchased a monitor you must trade in a monitor, if you have purchased a PC or tablet you must trade in a PC or tablet and so on. Qualifying products vary across different countries participating in the promotion. Please check the qualifying products applicable to the region you reside in on the website.

Q. Are trade-ins of old equipment limited?

A. The promotion is solely for the trade-in of functional old equipment linked with the purchase of a new, equivalent Dell Qualifying Product, and is limited to one trade in item per Qualifying Product purchase. Claims are capped at a maximum of 10 per customer or household (based on postal address) during any 3-month period.

Q. How does my old equipment reach Dell?

A. You receive a prepaid postage label from Dell’s partner in respect of this promotion, Opia, further to submission of your claim. Kindly stick this label visibly on the parcel for shipping. The customer must guarantee that the equipment is safely packaged for transport according to packaging instructions. Please take your parcel to your local post office and send the parcel to address indicated on the forwarding label.

Q. What happens to my old equipment?

A. Your old equipment will be recycled or reused in accordance with our rigorous recycling or refurbishment standards. Please see the below information concerning returned equipment.

Returned equipment — Used Electrical/Electronic Equipment.

All equipment is to be returned as Used Electrical/Electronic Equipment (UEEE) and packed in a manner that avoids damage, cosmetic or otherwise.

Process Information: The Returned Equipment (UEEE) is processed through a REUSE Process.

The Used Equipment (UEEE) that can be REUSED after successfully passing through the REUSE Process is reclassified as REEE (Reused Electrical/Electronic Equipment).

Waste Electrical/Electronic Equipment.

The Used Equipment (UEEE) that cannot be REUSED after unsuccessfully passing through the REUSE Process is re-classified as WEEE (Waste Electrical/Electronic Equipment).

Process Information: Waste Electrical/Electronic Equipment (WEEE) subsequent to failing to pass through any or all of the REUSE Process Waste Electrical/Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is thereafter treated as waste (WEEE) and falls out of the Reuse Process for the purpose of Recycling/Disposal.

All WEEE is subject to the Regulation of The WEEE Directive and handled and transported accordingly.

Q. How long will it take for me to receive my cash back?

A. We endeavour to provide you with your cash back within 40 days of validating your claim; however, please allow up to 10 extra days for claim verification and bank transfer delays — hence terms and conditions state 40 days from claim validation. Please note we cannot validate your claim until we have received your trade-in equipment.

Q. I have a question relating to my claim, who should I contact?

A. If you have any queries, please contact help@delltradetosave.com or by phone. Please click here to view full contact details.