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  1. Your Gold Medal is Waiting

    Your Gold Medal is Waiting: Find the business value in your data through modernization


    Data modernization – moving to the latest database management, business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools – is a big step that can change the way you derive value from your data. Your company can boost your competitiveness, maximize systems responsiveness and uptime, increase business agility, and go for the gold, instead of staying stuck at the starting block.

  2. Fluid Data Reduction for FluidFS

    Fluid Data Reduction for FluidFS

    Fluid Data Reduction for FluidFS

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    Top 5 ways to Empower the Future-Ready Enterprise


    The Future-Ready Enterprise (FRE) operates on the premise that business change will not only continue, it will likely accelerate due to a variety of external factors—many of which have not yet been uncovered. This has significant implications throughout the enterprise, especially for the IT organization. When IT is future-ready, it can help the organization survive new and evolving business pressures. Whatever the catalysts, executives in an FRE environment are under pressure to deliver improved business results, increase customer satisfaction, control costs, improve competitive standing and enhance employee productivity.

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    Future Ready Enterprise White Paper

    Essential IT capabilities for a changing world: white paper describing enterprise trends, Future Ready Enterprise strategy benefits, solutions portfolio and tips for evolving enterprise IT.

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    SC4020 product review: Taneja Group

    In this lab validation, industry analyst firm Taneja Group provides a technical deep dive of the new Dell Storage SC4000 and highlights specific customer use cases.

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    Dell EqualLogic TCO Analysis

    This ESG Lab report examines the economic excellence of highly scalable Dell EqualLogic PS Series iSCSI virtualized storage solutions compared with those of other leading storage vendors.

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    Super Selectos drives business expansion with a modern IT infrastructure


    Growing supermarket chain drives business growth, lowers database backup times, and cuts costs with Dell EMC solutions.

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    The University of Dundee enables academic innovation


    A leading university in Scotland gives students and staff fast, reliable connectivity over wired and wireless networks through a transformational solution comprising multiple Dell EMC Networking switches in a leaf-spine topology.

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    Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra ensures great university user experiences


    A private university in the Dominican Republic upgraded its data center and gained new efficiencies, flexibility and expansion capabilities with Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and data protection solutions.

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    Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation achieves dramatic service level improvements


    Rebuilding its network and service infrastructure with Dell EMC consulting and hardware, a government organization generates substantial savings, delivers an excellent user experience and gains 24x7 system availability.

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    Group GSA breaks down performance barriers


    Staff at an international architectural practice are collaborating seamlessly across offices, increasing productivity and delivering better outcomes, by working on a virtualized desktop based on Dell Precision workstations and Dell Wyse endpoints.

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    Anana delivers omni-channel customer experiences


    A leading provider of contact-centre solutions delivers omni-channel customer experiences, rolling out services to retail customers in just a few hours using a private-cloud environment built on the Dell EMC FX architecture and VSAN.

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    University of Massachusetts Lowell boosts learning and helps offset student costs


    University gives staff and students anytime, anywhere access to the desktop they need regardless of application and performance requirements with Dell VDI, making hands-on learning immediate, college more affordable and campus growth possible.

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    Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) - Video


    Research center advances HPC and big data analytics resources for researchers nationwide with Wrangler, a Dell EMC flash storage based supercomputing platform.

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    Yinzhou Education Information Center supports K-12 education in the growing Ningbo district


    An education authority in China managing K-12 schools in Ningbo overcomes rapidly increasing student numbers from a growing local population by improving access to data on local schools using Dell Storage Solutions.

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    Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust improves healthcare via digitisation


    Hospital group in the U.K. boosts healthcare through digitisation, doubling application speeds with a Dell PowerEdge FX2 chassis, Dell Networking technology and flash-based Dell Storage.

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    Rodrigue ensures strong performance and availability for its SaaS platform


    French digital services firm enables 10 times faster replication, gives customers a better online experience, and cuts backup times to minutes with Dell EMC servers, storage and switches.

  12. 2016-carnival-10023030-tablets-fx2-mobile-app.jpg

    Carnival - Video


    Cruise company makes smarter use of data for a better customer experience with Dell EMC tablets, storage and servers.

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    AEW Energie increases focus on specialised tasks by simplifying IT


    Swiss company concentrates more resources on specialised tasks now that it has simplified its technical IT and reduced management time with a Dell EMC hyper-converged infrastructure appliance powered by Nutanix software.

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    The Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien takes history into the 21st century


    An Austrian art history museum engages the public more deeply in exhibitions through fast-access, easy-to-manage Dell EMC storage solution as well as Dell’s sponsorship of an exhibition smartphone app and subsidised entry for under-25s.

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    Polyclinique de Courlancy delivers better healthcare


    Hospital group in France improves healthcare by upgrading its data centre to deliver 30 per cent greater performance with a Dell EMC end-to-end solution featuring Dell EMC servers as well as flash-based Dell EMC Storage and Dell EMC Networking.

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    Herbert Kannegiesser ensures 24x7 production at its facilities


    A laundry technology company in Germany wanted to ensure better uptime by refreshing parts of its data centre, so it upgraded its Dell storage, networking and servers for simpler management, high performance and 24x7 production.

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    Winshuttle Software India ensures an excellent level of customer service


    A leading provider of software integrations significantly improves support processes for its Dell infrastructure reducing management time by 50 percent through Dell ProSupport Plus for Enterprise and SupportAssist.

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    Avon Products delivers flexibility for a growing workforce


    A cosmetics and personal beauty brand in Japan accelerates expansion of its VDI environment, ensuring high reliability and a 99.999 percent uptime by deploying Dell Storage Solutions.

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    The Chinese Culture University provides innovative teaching


    A leading private university in Taiwan enhances student learning both on and off of campus with a Dell end-to-end virtualized desktop, reducing overheads by 20 percent with the solution.

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    GRU Airport spurs growth and improves service with Dell IT - Infographic


    Latin America’s busiest airport improves IT performance and meets increasing air-travel needs of citizens, businesses and tourists with Dell IT.

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    How Dell Does IT: Unified Communications and Collaboration


    Global manufacturer increases productivity with a role-based UC&C solution that saves more than $1 million in capital and operating expenses over two years while improving worker efficiency, boosting mobility and reducing travel.

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    Bionivid empowers researchers to drive biological breakthroughs with the Genome Station


    A start-up company in India successfully launches its genome sequencing appliance for scientific researchers with Dell OEM Solutions, reducing development costs by at least 50 percent.

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    Teikyo University Hospital improves patient healthcare, accelerates research


    A university hospital in Japan improves patient care and drug research with a Dell web-scale converged infrastructure, featuring Dell Networking switches, that cuts deployment time in half and lowers platform costs by one third.

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    Shanghai Oriental Pearl Media meets the growing demand for 4K content in China


    A leading provider of IPTV in China meets the growing demand for 4K content after successfully implementing Dell servers, storage and networking with the support of Dell ProDeploy.

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    Saga Prefectural Government meets strategic efficiency goals


    A local authority in Japan makes staff three times more effective to help boost efficiencies with a Dell-based virtual desktop based on Dell storage, servers and networking technology.

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    Intuit delivers competitive payment-processing services to merchants


    Payments processor overcomes report-generation and efficiency issues with Dell Storage SC8000 arrays that facilitate 99.99% reliable reporting processes, in less time, to fund merchants 700% faster and achieve one of the industry’s lowest loss rates.

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    The Elite Flower plants new seeds for growth with Dell solutions and services


    Columbian flower grower reduces deployment time, ensures high availability for critical systems and helps speed decision making by taking advantage of Dell data center technologies.

  28. Nagasaki University Hospital improves medical services with a Dell virtualized infrastructure

    Nagasaki University Hospital improves medical services with a Dell virtualized infrastructure


    A university hospital in Japan boosts healthcare services for patients by moving services to a high performance, virtualized platform based on an end-to-end Dell solution.

  29. Liaocheng University enhances innovation and improves efficiency with a Dell Converged Infrastructure

    Liaocheng University enhances innovation and improves efficiency with a Dell Converged Infrastructure


    A university in China drives greater support to the Smart City research with Dell modular architecture that delivers 50 percent savings in IT management, 20 percent lower IT costs and 40 percent greater energy efficiency.

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    Humber River Hospital boosts performance for electronic health record system and improves patient care


    Toronto hospital works with Dell Deployment Services to boost MEDITECH performance by nearly 100 percent, help clinicians provide faster care, cut data center costs by 50 percent and back up data in minutes instead of hours.

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    Innodep simplifies the evolution of smart technology


    South Korean security company successfully develops its IoT surveillance appliance for smart buildings, reducing development time by 40 percent through its work with Dell OEM Solutions and its adoption of Dell IoT gateway technology.

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    Fuji Xerox Advanced Technology phases out paper-based processes in its product evaluation division


    Product testing teams at a leading Japanese manufacturer have increased their efficiency by 10 percent using Dell Venue Pro tablets connected to a Microsoft SQL Server database running on a Dell platform.

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    Grand Haven schools launched a 1:1 initiative to ensure equitable technology access and more student engagement, with Dell Chromebooks.


    To ensure equitable technology access and increase student engagement, a Michigan K–12 school district launched a 1:1 PC program to transform learning, with 5,300 Dell Chromebooks, helping it save more than $450,000.

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    Dynatech better supports customers with a high-performance database appliance


    A system integrator in Japan increases sales through its hostel reservation while increasing efficiency and driving innovation after working with Dell Services to deploy a Dell-based high-performance database appliance with automatic failover.

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    Celulose Riograndense sustains growth with a new data center


    Brazilian pulp mill needed a new data center after quadrupling its capacity and has Dell to provide support and provide the architecture.

  1. Rack Integration

    Rack Integration

    Let Dell rack and cable your server and storage products at the factory so your equipment arrives ready for installation.

  2. Storage Implementation

    Storage Integration

    Eliminate the hassle and complexity of installing new storage systems. Dell engineers will get your storage products installed right the first time and help maximize performance and scalability.

  3. Dell Storage NX Windows NAS Series Configuration Guide

    Dell Storage NX Windows NAS Series Configuration Guide

    Dell Storage NX Windows NAS Series storage appliances combine the latest Dell PowerEdge technology with Windows Storage Server 2016 from Microsoft for rapid deployment, easy management, and enhanced performance.

  4. Dell Storage NX3230 Spec Sheet

    Dell Storage NX3230 Spec Sheet

    The Dell Storage NX3230 is a capacity-dense, dedicated network-attached storage (NAS) solution integrated with advanced file-sharing software designed to help smaller offices stay efficient and productive. It’s also flexible enough to support applications (block data) to make sure people with limited resources can save time and don’t have to manage separate types of storage.

  5. Dell Storage NX430 Spec Sheet

    Dell Storage NX430 Spec Sheet

    An affordable and reliable rack-mounted network-attached storage (NAS) offers you advanced data management and efficient data sharing. The Dell Storage NX430 array is designed to improve performance with Microsoft® Windows® Storage Server.

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    SC5020 Specification Sheet

    Self-optimizing SSD, HDD or hybrid configuration options provide a winning and affordable solution for mixed application environments