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At Dell, we build our business-class systems with unique capabilities to ensure the management of our PCs and tablets allows more productivity for your workforce and less time spent on IT. Dell provides a wide variety of systems management solutions including our unique Intel® vPro™ extensions, free automation tools with Dell Client Command Suite and Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances.

For successful information systems management today, you must support a growing number of endpoints across multiple locations with flat or declining budgets. As PCs age, IT issues begin to rise, increasing your total cost of ownership. The cost of keeping your workforce’s machines patched and up-to-date, while also addressing hardware or software failures, adds up. For every $950 a company spends on a new system, they can spend more than $2400 to support it during a three-year lifecycle*. Usually after four years, the lost productivity and maintenance costs require the replacement of those PCs. Dell understands. We help you maximize your systems’ lifespans so you can get the most from what you have.

With efficient endpoint management and effective endpoint protection, you can save time and money, reduce security risks and increase compliance. The Dell KACE K1000 and K2000 Systems Management Appliances, OpenManage™ portfolio, Dell Client Command Suite and Dell Services integrate seamlessly and affordably with your environment. Take advantage of these benefits:
  • Manage IT systems effectively (including non-Windows PCs) by streamlining and automating common tasks.
  • Provide discovery, continuous inventory and comprehensive monitoring — for both hardware and software — of all devices connected to your environment. Dell accommodates PCs, servers, routers, switches, printers and more for more effective IT asset management (ITAM), including hardware warranty information for Dell PCs.
  • Optimize software asset management through complete software inventory, usage metering and license reconciliation.
  • Reduce security risks through scanning and patching to ensure standard configurations. Protect your environment from infected systems by taking them offline to patch and protect corporate data on lost or stolen devices by remotely wiping the hard drive.
  • Deploy systems quickly and migrate to the latest OS versions with minimal impact to your schedule or budget.
  • Update your systems with the latest BIOS, drivers and firmware.
  • Enable remote one-to-many management capabilities. With Dell Intel vPro extensions, you can update your entire fleet of systems at once, whether they’re powered on or off.
  • Increase power savings through enforcement of power management profiles.
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