• Gauge your readiness for mobile computing solutions
  • Understand your options and how to achieve your goals
  • Make an informed decision about your mobile computing solutions
Get the information you need to make an informed decision about your mobile computing solutions.

The Dell Mobility Assessment helps you gauge your readiness for a mobile computing plan that encompasses a wide range of end-user devices. During the assessment phase, we collect detailed information about your client IT environment to identify any gaps, risks or roadblocks to implement successful solutions. The assessment covers:
  • End-user flexibility requirements as compared with business security requirements
  • Expectations for the future growth of your mobile workforce
  • Compliance requirements
  • Device management needs and challenges in a heterogeneous IT environment
No matter where you are in the spectrum of maturity for enterprise-wide mobile device management, the assessment process helps you understand your options and ways to achieve your goals. You may only need to target specific pain points, such as improved data security or user-managed mobile phone plans, or you might want to implement an all inclusive Dell mobile computing plan. At the end of your comprehensive assessment you will have:
  • A set of recommendations based upon your business and technical requirements
  • Key considerations and project milestones
  • The basis for a solid business case
  • An executive briefing that can help you take your project to the next phase
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