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Award-winning Dell monitors fit your needs and budget, offering productive ways to work, proven reliability, and the industry’s most advanced monitor technologies.

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Award-winning Dell monitors fit your needs and budget, offering productive ways to work, proven reliability, and the industry's most advanced monitor technologies.

Dell UltraSharp Monitors

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A revolutionary viewing experience with
uncompromising performance and innovative
Reliable and environmentally efficient
monitors with productivity-boosting
features built for everyday work and play.
  • Award-winning performance
  • Color precision
  • Spectacular design
  • Essential features for productivity
  • Choices for your budget
  • Eco-friendly reliability
ModelSize Resolution Screen Ratio Panel Type Adjustable Stand (HAS) 90° Rotation Touch USB Ports Soundbar MDS14 Support Connections Special Features 
 Dell Series
E1715S  171280x1024 5:4TN  no no -no no no VGA, DP  -
E1916H18.5  1366x768 16:9TN - - -AC511 no VGA, DP -
E201619.45  1440x900 16:10IPS- - - AX510PA noVGA -
E2016H19.5  1600x900 16:9 TN - - -AC511 Yes VGA, DP-
E2016HV19.51600x90016:9TN----AC511Yes VGA -
E2216H21.5 1920x1080 16:9TN - - -AC511 Yes VGA, DP-
E2216HV21.51920x1080 16:9TN----AC511YesVGA-
E2218HN21.51920x1080 16:9IPS----AC511
E2318H231920x1080 16:9IPS----AC511
E2417H23.81920x108016:9  IPS----AC511YesVGA,DP-
C5517H551920x108016:9VA---2Built-in speakers noVGA, HDMI, DPRS232 
C5518QT553840x216016:9IPS--Yes4Built-in speakers noVGA, 3xHDMI, DPStylus x2 + Remote Control + Stylus & Remote holders, RS232, RJ45
C7016H69.51920x108016:9VAWall Mount--3Built-in speakersnoVGA, 2xHDMI, DPBillion Colors
C7017T69.51920x108016:9VAWall Mount  YesBuilt-in speakers  noVGA, 2xHDMI, DP Stylus x2 + Remote Control 
C8618QT863840x216016:9VA-- Yes4Built-in speakersno VGA, 4xHDMI, DPStylus x2 + Remote Control +Stylus & Remote holders, RS232, RJ45 
P1917S19  1280x1024 5:4IPS Yes Yes-4 AC511Yes VGA, HDMI, DP -
P201619.5  1440x900 16:10IPSYes  Yes- 2 AC511 YesVGA, DP -
P2017H20.5 1600x901 16:10 IPS Yes Yes- 4 AC511 YesVGA, HDMI, DP -
P221722  1680x1050 16:10TN Yes Yes-4AC511Yes VGA, HDMI, DP -
P2217H21.5  1920x1080 16:9IPS Yes Yes- 4AC511 YesVGA, HDMI, DP -
P2317H23  1920x1080 16:9IPS Yes Yes- 4 AC511 YesVGA, HDMI, DP -
P2417H23.8  1920x1080 16:9IPSYes Yes - 4AC511  YesVGA, HDMI, DP -
P2416D23.82560x144016:9IPSYes--4AC511YesVGA, DP-
P2415Q23.83840x2160 16:9IPSYes  Yes- 4AC511  YesHDMI/MHL, DP, mDPBillion Colors
 P2418HZ23.8 1920x1080  16:9IPSYes Yes-4Built-in speakers, camera & micYesVGA, HDMI, DPMultimedia
P2418HT23.81920x108016:9IPSYes-Yes4-YesVGA, HDMI, DP-
P2717H 27 1920x1080 16:9 IPS  Yes- 4AC511  -HDMI, DP -
P2715Q273840x216016:9IPS Yes Yes-4AC511-HDMI/MHL, DP, mDPBillion Colors 
P4317Q42.53840x216016:9IPSno no  -Built-in speakers  -VGA, 2xHDMI/MHL, DP, mDP Multi-Client, RS232 
MR2416241920x120016:10 IPSYes Yes  - 2 YesVGA, HDMI, DP 'IP-32 rated, Cable Cover - Medical 
 Dell UltraSharp

U2414H 23.81920 x 1080 16:9IPSYesYes  -4AC511 Yes2xHDMI/MHL, DP, mDP-
U417H23.81920x1080 16:9IPSYes Yes- 4  -YesHDMI/MHL, DP, mDPInfinityEdge
U2417HA 23.8 1920x1080 16:9IPSArm Yes-4- YesHDMI/MHL, DP, mDPInfinityEdge
U2417HJ 23.81920x1080  16:9IPS YesYes - 4AC511Yes 2xHDMI/MHL, DP, mDPWireless charging Stand QI&PMA
 U2417HWi23.8 1920x1080  16:9IPSYes  Yes- 4 AC511 YesHDMI WiFi Direct, Dual Screencast
U2412W241920x1200  16:10IPS YesYes - 4 AX510 YesVGA, DVI, DP-
U241524  1920x1200 16:10IPSYes  Yes- 5 AC511Yes 2xHDMI/MHL, DP, mDP -
U2515H25 2560x1440 16:9 IPSYes  Yes- 5AC511Yes 2xHDMI/MHL, DP, mDP-
U2516D25 2560x1440 16:9IPS Yes Yes - 4 AC511 YesHDMI, DP, mDPPremier Color
U2715H27  2560x1440 16:9IPSYes  Yes - 5 AC511 -2xHDMI/MHL, DP, mDP-
U2717D27 2560x1440 16:9IPS Yes Yes - 4 - -HDMI/MHL, DP, mDPInfinityEdge
U2717DA27  2560x1440 16:9IPS Arm  Yes - 4- -HDMI/MHL, DP, mDPInfinityEdge
UP2716D  272560x144016:9 IPSYes Yes - 4 AC511-HDMI, DP, mDP Premier Color 
U2917W  28.72560x1080 21:9IPS Yes  --AC511  -HDMI, DP, mDP -
UP3017 30 2560x160016:10IPS Yes  Yes-AC511 -HDMI, DP, mDP Premier Color
UP3216Q31.53840x2160 16:9 IPS  Yes--AC511  -HDMI, DP, mDP Premier Color 
UP3218K 31.5 7860x4320 16:9 IPS Yes Yes -4 --2xDP PremierColor, InfinityEdge, Billion Colors 
U3415W 34 3440x1440 21:9 IPS Yes -- 4 Built-in speakers-HDMI/MHL, DP, mDP Billion Colors - Curved 
U3417W 34 3440x1440 21:9 IPS Yes  -- 4 Built-in speakers -HDMI/MHL, DP, mDP Billion Colors - Curved 
U3818DW 38 3840x1600 21:9 IPSYes  --4Built-in speakers -HDMI/MHL, DPBillion Colors - Curved 

Dell Soundbars 

Dell Professional Sound Bar – AE515

  • Rich and powerful audio from 5W front firing speakers
  • Certified for Microsoft® Skype® for Business.
  • Includes dual mic array and echo cancellation for better sound quality
  • Front facing call controls
  • Includes Line out for connecting headsets if required.
  • Includes Line in and GSM shielding for playing music from your phone with minimal interference.
  • Attaches to wide range of monitors (same as AC511 below)

You’ll experience rich and powerful audio from the 5W RMS front firing speakers while its wide frequency response range of 90 Hz to 20kHz offers deep bass and exceptional sound quality. Background noise will be minimized while you’re on a call with the Sound Bar’s dual mic array and echo cancellation. Flexibly toggle modes using the audio mode button, so you can quickly switch from group call with the Sound Bar to private listening with a headset. The sound bar is easy to set up – simply snap it on to the base of your monitor and connect the USB to an available USB port on your monitor. Enjoy peace of mind knowing the sound bar is certified for Microsoft® Skype® for Business and comes with a 3-year Limited Hardware Warranty.


Dell USB Stereo SoundBar –AC511

  • Low-profile design
  • Rich stereo sound
  • USB powered
  • 1-year warranty

Compatible with the latest Dell monitors (E-Series, Professional and UltraSharp Monitors introduced since 13 June 2013)

Cannot be used with older models of Dell Monitors.

The Dell™ AC511 Stereo USB Sound Bar offers users a low profile, stylish sound solution that matches the styling of various Dell monitors with convenient USB power. Also, the headphone jack that allows users to enjoy audio from their favorite games, music and movies, without sacrificing valuable desk space. Moreover, the USB-powered device makes it easy to use your speaker through your USB port, eliminating the need for batteries or a power cord. You can simply plug in the speaker to an open USB port in your computer and get started using it without the need to install any software. It provides high performance quality sound so you’ll be able to enjoy your speakers as soon as you plug it in and start using it. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.


Dell Stereo SoundBar – AX510

  • Full, rich stereo sound
  • Features lightweight, elegant design
  • Attaches easily to your UltraSharp and P Series Displays
  • 2 x 5 W per channel stereo
  • 2 x headphone jacks
  • Does not come with a separate power adapter

Compatible with the legacy Dell monitors (Professional and UltraSharp Monitors introduced before 13 June 2013)
Cannot be used with newer models of Dell Monitors.

The Dell™ AX510 SoundBar is only powered from a Dell UltraSharp or Professional series monitor and does not come with a separate power adapter. This stereo soundbar is a good choice for improving the quality of multimedia presentations, online training / Web casts, music listening, gaming, and DVD playback on your system. This lightweight, elegantly designed sound bar can be easily attached to your Dell Flat Panel Monitor. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

For E series monitors, please review the Dell AX510PA E Series Flat Panel Stereo Sound Bar with Power Adapter, which comes with a separate power adapter needed for E series monitors.

Dell Stands 

Dell Dock with Monitor Stand – DS1000


The Dell Dock with Monitor Stand creates a convenient docking experience in your workspace, featuring a combined dock and stand that connects to the wall via a one power cable. With universal docking, both Dell and compatible non-Dell platforms can connect via Display Port over USB Type-C™ technology, ensuring a seamless connection and crisp display. The dock connects with a single USB Type-C cable, freeing up space on your desk and in your workspace. The Dell Dock with Monitor Stand enables fast, efficient connectivity to multiple displays and all your everyday peripherals through one convenient cable.

Dell Dual Monitor Arm – MDA17

The Dell Dual Monitor Arm - MDA17 supports and suspends two monitors at once. Featuring a sleek, modern design, the Dual Monitor Arm enhances your workplace aesthetic and provides comfortable viewing of two monitors. Hide unsightly cables in the internal latch within the monitor arm for a neater desk space. Easily tilt, pivot, and adjust the monitor arm or monitors for a more comfortable viewing experience. Double swivel functionality allows for 180 degree turning of both monitors so you can easily share content on your screen with your peers.

Dell Monitor Stand with USB 3.0 Dock – MKS14

  • Supports up to 3 panel displays1 (including laptop screen) via a single USB connection
  • Offers Latitude/ XPS (up to 90W) laptop power charging
  • Non-proprietary USB graphics connection with any laptop
  • Integrated monitor stand with docking
  • Fully adjustable display stand holds up monitor panels up to 27” in size and 6.5kg in weight
  • Easily access peripherals and media devices through multiple hub connectors (USB 3.0 and media card reader)
  • Integrated cables for easy setup & a clutter free desk
  • Supports Dell quick release system and VESA compliant monitors
Recommended for Dell monitors (Professional and UltraSharp Monitors)
Dell E-series monitors require video and VESA plate adapters (not included).


The MKS14 USB Docking Stand from Dell™ brings together notebook charging, universal USB compatibility and multi-monitor work station in a convenient, compact and clutter-free solution. This Docking Stand Supports Dell quick release system and VESA compliant monitors up to 27 inch in size and up to 6.5 kg in weight. It allows easy connection to external USB devices and monitors with a single USB cable. Non-proprietary USB 3.0 connection for data and video streaming connects to any laptop. Moreover, the full adjustability features such as tilt, pivot and height adjustability offer flexible viewing comfort and improved efficiency.


Dell Dual Monitor Stand – MDS14

  • Design to maximize your viewing comfort and improve your productivity with its multi-adjustment capabilities
  • Supports Dell VESA Quick Release Mount
  • The U-shaped base occupies less desk space
  • Supports up to dual 24” monitors landscape mounted

The Dell™ MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand is designed to maximize your viewing comfort and improve your productivity with its multi-adjustment capabilities such as Tilt, swivel, height adjust and horizontally slide the monitors on the stand. It can easily snap on two Dell monitor panels with VESA support and enjoy improved productivity and a clutter-free desktop. Its U-shaped monitor stand also frees up productive desk space in front of the monitors and reduces cable clutter with a cable management slot on the stand riser. The two adaptors provided on the stand, assured that the dual monitor stand can attach to any VESA compliant monitor. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.


Dell Single Monitor Arm Stand – MSA14

  • Improve viewing comfort for better productivity
  • Easily enhanced adjustability for height, swivel, tilt, portrait/landscape orientations and viewing distance
  • Optimized for use with Dell monitors
  • Enjoy a more spacious and organized workspace
  • Variable mounting options 
  • Supports up to 20.5 lbs.

The Dell™ MSA14 single monitor articulating arm is designed to maximize your viewing comfort and improve your productivity with its multi-adjustment capabilities such as height adjustability, tilt, and swivel and pivot features. It can easily be attached to Dell monitor panels with a simple snap to the VESA mount at the back of the monitor without the need for screws. By replacing the standard monitor base with an articulating Dell monitor arm, the space directly in front of the monitor is recovered and you will not need to strain to access work space on the desktop. When properly positioned, Dell monitor arm with integrated cable management feature, keeps your desktop neat, offering both enhanced ergonomics and improved space utilization. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems to ensure it will work with your computer. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.