Help Me Choose: OptiPlex Security Software

Dell Data Protection | Encryption
Dell Data Protection | Encryption (DDP | E) offers nondisruptive endpoint encryption solutions that help you quickly and easily deploy encryption across your entire organization, enforce policies and audit encryption state. DDP | E is designed to protect data wherever it goes, including mobile devices, tablets, PCs, public cloud storage, external media, self-encrypting drives and Microsoft® BitLocker™, enabling your employees to work the way they want, on the devices they want.

DDP | Personal Edition
Locally managed encryption to protect system disks and external media only. Ideal for smaller organizations or departments, this easily deployed, locally managed solution offers flexible encryption options to help safeguard business and customer data.

DDP | Enterprise Edition
Comprehensive, enterprise-class encryption solution to secure sensitive data and achieve compliance. Protects system disks as well as external media, and includes a powerful remote management console for centralized policy management, audit and compliance reporting.The Virtual Edition Server installs easily on VMware or deploy the Enterprise Edition Server on dedicated hardware to manage larger enterprise environments.

DDP | Cloud Edition
Cloud Edition is used to transparently encrypt and decrypt data stored and shared in public cloud services, such as Box and Dropbox, so employees can use cloud storage as they always have, without disruption.The solution ensures that business data is secure even when stored in the cloud by end users.

DDP | Mobile Edition
Mobile Edition transparently manages data encryption and security for iOS and Android based smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The solution utilizes the same centralized policy management console and supports advanced features like remote wipe on lost mobile devices.

DDP | BitLocker Manager
For organizations already using Microsoft BitLocker for encryption, this solution extends the capabilities of Microsoft BitLocker with remote management, auditing and reporting, as well as integration with Dell’s advanced media encryption for a comprehensive solution.

DDP | External Media Edition
External Media Edition is useful for customers who may already be using another solution for system disk encryption, but need centralized control and protection for sensitive data on removable media like USB flash drives or optical media. This data-centric encryption requires no special formatting of the media, so deployment is pain-free.

DDP | Hardware Crypto Accelerator
Full-disk encryption solution designed with strong, tamper-resistant security exclusive to select Dell Latitude, OptiPlex and Precision systems. It delivers the highest level of Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) certification (FIPS 140-2 Level 3) commercially available for a disk encryption solution.

Dell ProSupport Software Subscription & Support Service
Included with your DDP | E solution ProSupport completes your encryption solution with:
  • Application Validation Assistance (license key management issues)
  • Configuration support
  • Re-installation support
  • How-to and best practices support
  • Basic and advanced software troubleshooting
  • Remote Assistance with deployment of patches and updates
  • Software issue identification and escalation support

Use DDP | Personal Edition

  • When you have a small number of systems to cover and you don’t need advanced features like centralized policy management, auditing or reporting
  • When you only need encryption coverage for local system disks and removable media
  • When users typically support themselves or you have a limited IT support presence
  • As an end-user friendly replacement for Microsoft BitLocker with more robust removable media protection

Use DDP | Enterprise Edition
  • When you have a significant number of systems to cover and your IT team needs centralized management that scales to protect thousands of users
  • When regulations and privacy laws drive the need for advanced features like centralized audit, compliance reporting and remote wipe of device data
  • When you need strong encryption and protection for sensitive data stored on local drives, external media, in public cloud storage and on mobile devices, all managed via a single console

Use DDP Deployment Services
  • When you have limited internal IT support or you need security experts to jump start your existing IT team’s security knowledge
  • When you have a more complex deployment architecture including DMZ proxy services
  • When you are integrating multiple organizations or you need to ensure business partners don’t inadvertently create holes in your security
  • When you have a large, distributed workforce and complex Active Directory domain structures