Dell Genomic Data Analysis Platform

“With diseases like neuroblastoma, hours matter. Our new Dell HPC cluster allows us to do the processing we need to get a meaningful result in a clinically relevant amount of time.”
Jason Corneveaux, Bioinformatician, Neurogenomics Division, the Translational Genomics Research Institute.

Achieving high performance for high-volume life sciences research

Amazing work is being done today in healthcare and life sciences. With the advent of faster, low-cost genome sequencing technology, researchers now have a critical gateway to understanding the underlying molecular pathways for diseases. And for some diseases, every hour closer to discovery and result can mean the difference between life and death.

However, other factors are hindering discovery and creating inefficiencies. Genomic processing requires immense computational power and storage. Researchers lacking adequate offsite resources to handle this are faced with the challenge of designing and deploying their own infrastructure, often with minimal IT expertise or support. What’s more, complex integration and performance tuning of the infrastructure can take months — all resulting in low system usage and delays in key projects.

A complete, integrated genomic processing infrastructure

Meet your research needs with a high-performance computing (HPC) solution developed specifically for genomic analysis. Partnering closely with our customers at the forefront of genomics research, we developed the Dell Genomic Data Analysis Platform to help accelerate time-to-insight for a range of life sciences fields including drug design, cancer research, agriculture, biofuels and forensics.

This first-of-its-kind platform is designed and optimized to deliver high-throughput and fast turnaround of genomic workflows. It integrates easily with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) machines and writes sequenced data directly into the system’s computational scratch space for processing. Output data and user files are then network-accessed by researchers for further investigation.

Enable bioinformatics innovation by maximizing productivity

Designed for rapid deployment, the Dell Genomic Data Analysis Platform provides a cost-efficient and simple- to-manage environment for genomics research, fully backed by Dell’s dedicated solutions, support and services teams.

  • Deliver fast, efficient results. This complete, optimized platform of modular compute, storage and networking building blocks easily integrates with standard genomic sequencing systems, and is capable of processing up to 37 genomes per day using less than 7.5 kWh/genome.
  • Simplify your HPC infrastructure. With Dell’s flexible, pretested configurations, you can reduce lengthy implementation timelines from months to weeks.
  • Maximize productivity without compromising on performance. Built on an open, standards-based architecture, this innovative analytics platform is tuned for performance, density, and efficiency ensuring lower acquisition, upgrade and ongoing operational costs.

The Dell difference
Combining comprehensive high-performance computing and data management solutions with domain expertise and technical know-how, we are helping genomic research organizations in healthcare, government, universities and industrial labs accelerate their research and engineering. We can help you:

  • Concentrate resources on R&D, not complex infrastructure
  • Optimize genomic pipelines for quicker results
  • Overcome obstacles to mainstream product viability
  • Identify treatments in clinically relevant timeframes
  • Enable cost-effective bioinformatics centers
  • Maintain compliance and protect confidential data using secure, in-house resources

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