Products and Services

High performance, embedded management, energy efficiency — your server solution should deliver all that and more. Whether you’re adding one server, or multiple racks — or moving to the cloud — the Dell server portfolio offers innovative IT efficiencies and cost savings.

Our Servers Portfolio
Dell PowerEdge servers comprise a broad range of capacities and capabilities suitable for businesses, technologies and workloads large and small.

Our R series servers are rack-optimized designs for improved density in medium to large enterprise.

Our T series servers are tower platforms optimal for remote offices, and small to medium businesses.

Shared infrastructure
Shared Infrastructure designs allow components to share resources — like power, networking and storage — in order to reduce complexity and gain efficiencies in density, power consumption and resiliency. Our Shared Infrastructure portfolio includes:
  • PowerEdge VRTX: A converged IT platform of huge capacity in a tower-sized form factor — with office-compatible acoustics — ideal for remote or branch office environments.
  • PowerEdge M Blades: Blade servers optimized for memory density and outstanding performance with no compromise on enterprise-class features. Our optimal blend of density, performance, efficiency and scalability is perfect for taxing workloads like email, database and virtual environments.  
  • PowerEdge M1000e: Blade systems designed for large data centers that require maximized density, efficiency and manageability. Their wide range of nodes and options can provide immense expandability for data centers.

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