With the release of PowerVault MD Dense enclosure and associated controller firmware, significant new capabilities have been added to the Dell PowerVault MD3 Dense storage systems, including a new option to create Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) in addition to the previously available traditional RAID groups. Dynamic Disk Pools greatly simplify management, improve data protection, and provide enhanced performance consistency.

The DDP feature dynamically distributes data, spare capacity, and protection information across a pool of disk drives. These pools may range in size from a minimum of 11 drives to potentially as large as of all of the drives in the PowerVault MD3 Dense storage system including the expansion units. In addition to creation of a single Dynamic Disk Pool, storage administrators may opt to create traditional disks in conjunction with Dynamic Disk Pools or even multiple Dynamic Disk Pools, providing an unprecendented level of flexiblity. This technical report will provide a technical overview of the DDP feature as well as providing best practice guidance for usage.