Shared Infrastructure

Server Poweredge Shared Infrastructure

Shared, converged infrastructures simplify IT management

Better manage increasing performance demands, decreasing budgets and shrinking schedules with a new approach to IT — converged infrastructure. Dell PowerEdge converged (or “shared”) infrastructure platforms offer you powerful tools to help you achieve the advantages of IT convergence, greatly streamlining and accelerating your IT operations.

What is convergence?
Convergence Convergence is the joining of multiple IT resources — such as servers, storage and networking — into a single platform. Both new and legacy IT environments can benefit significantly. Our shared platforms deliver the advantages of convergence in turnkey solutions optimized for your scale and physical environment.

All three of our converged platforms — PowerEdge M-series blades for traditional data centers, PowerEdge VRTX for small or remote office and the revolutionary PowerEdge FX, which redefines data center infrastructure — are managed with our unique, embedded Chassis Management Controller (CMC). The CMC provides a secure browser-based interface and consistent management platform regardless of environment.

PowerEdge FX                                              

Quickly and precisely tailor your infrastructure to     PowerEdge FX  
your applications, even as your workloads change
over time. The modular server, storage and
networking blocks of our innovative PowerEdge FX
allow you to readily deploy different
workloads within its compact 2U chassis.

PowerEdge VRTX

PowerEdge VRTX                                                                                            
                                              PowerEdge VRTX redefines office IT with the 
                                              integration of blade servers, storage,
                                              networking and management into a single, 
                                              compact chassis with office-optimized 
                                              dimensions, acoustics, security and power.

Dell blade servers and M1000E blade enclosure Dell blade servers and M1000E blade enclosure

Our award-winning PowerEdge M-series blade
servers, including the M1000e blade enclosure,
help reduce the cost and complexity of blade
deployment and management in traditional
enterprise data centers.

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