A competitive marketplace demands the ability to make immediate, well-informed decisions. Business leaders must have timely and relevant data as the basis for the directions they choose. Dell and Microsoft are collaborating to build information analytics technologies that enable real-time decision making throughout organizations.

Microsoft® SQL Server® Fast Track Data Warehouse from Dell is a methodology and set of reference architectures specifically designed for data warehousing. These reference structures help scale up capacity and performance for symmetric multiprocessing (SMP). An SMP system can dynamically balance the workload so that more users are served faster.

The integrated set of predefined software, server and storage systems provide appliance-like time to value, making it possible to tap into raw data and turn that data into a powerful strategic business advantage.

Dell Fast Track Reference Architecture

Powered by Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers, the reference configurations are built on a platform that targets a Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse solution. Configured with the servers are Dell/EMC® storage arrays, multiple Fibre Channel controllers and a Fibre Channel switch to load balance the connections to the storage processors.

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