Stakeholder PhilosophyTraditionally, we refer to customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, government organizations and non-governmental organizations as stakeholders. Today, the term stakeholder holds a much broader meaning. It has grown to represent anyone or any group that is affected by what we do or that affects us. Stakeholders are as broad as the environment in which we do business and as far reaching as future generations.

The Value of the Stakeholder Voice

Dell is committed to engaging with stakeholders and has a formal stakeholder group established. In fiscal year 2009, we were heavily engaged with our stakeholder group and partnered with them at various locations and forums, including one international engagement in Berlin regarding our environmental strategy and one domestically in Boston, Massachusetts, on our fiscal year 2008 corporate responsibility report.

In addition, we held seven stakeholder feedback conference calls on these topics: global recycling, climate leadership/sustainable operations, employee engagement and empowerment, services and solutions, product packaging and stewardship. Plus, we held two social-responsible investor calls with the Investor Relations team covering our financial performance and corporate responsibility initiatives.

This is the method by which we vet out our internal plans, identify gaps and address misperceptions. Sometimes there are disagreements, sometimes alignment, but it always results in an increased understanding from both sides. We value this process and the stakeholders who give their personal time to work with us.

Ideal stakeholders are those who are subject-matter experts on material issues that affect Dell and who participate in open, candid and effective discussions. Advice, guidance and constructive feedback from our stakeholders allow the corporate responsibility team to speak intelligently and compassionately to the Executive Leadership Team about Dell’s responsibilities as a global citizen.


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