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Dell™ XPS™ 13 Developer Edition

XPS 13
Developer Edition

Up to Intel Core i7
Ubuntu Linux 14.04 SP1
Up to 13.3” FHD & QHD+
Up to 16GB RAM
Up to 512GB SSD

Inspiron™ 15 3000 Series Ubuntu

Inspiron™ 15
3000 Series Ubuntu

Intel® Celeron™ N3050
Ubuntu Linux 14.04 SP1
15.6'' HD, LED, Truelife Display

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Ubuntu is an open-source operating system built for linux enthusiasts.

Dell offers the Ubuntu OS on select products as an alternative to Windows or Chrome.
You might prefer Ubuntu if:

* You are comfortable with open-source software.
* You want to customize your operating system.
* You want to save money by using one of the most popular alternative operating systems in the 
   market  and be free from licensing fees.
* You are web or mobile developer who prefers not to work with a proprietary operating system

Features & Design

Ubuntu can have a low total cost of ownership over the life of your computer and there are thousands of free applications available through the Ubuntu Software Center. *An office productivity suite, LibreOffice, also comes bundled with Ubuntu and is compatible with Microsoft Office Suite. Ubuntu is safe and secure. With a trusted application software repository, data encryption and built-in protection from malware and viruses, you can be protected. Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Release) brings 5 years of free security and maintenance updates.

* Please note that not all applications and software programs available for Windows and iOS are available on Ubuntu. Before buying, determine if the software you need is available on Ubuntu.


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