Fix your PC or Tablet

No warranty, no problem.

No warranty? No problem.

Keep your gear running longer and let Dell fix your Dell PC or tablet. Whether your computer is broken or just slowing down, don’t worry. We’re the experts on Dell PCs and tablets and we‘re ready to help. Here’s how to contact us:

Call us at 1850-543-543

Getting help is as easy as 1-2-3.
1. Call
    - Let’s get started. Just call us and we’ll begin the process of identifying your issue.
2. Review Your Options
    - Once we determine the issue, we’ll review your repair options with you.
3. Get Your System Working
    - You’ll be back up and running quickly.

Dell also offers help with common software issues, virus removal, computer setups, and critical systems updates. Let us turn issues into solutions. We offer:
  • Dell trained technicians
  • Dell genuine parts available
  • Onsite or repair center service available
How it works:
For help with software, virus or system troubleshooting, simply give us a call. We’re ready to get you back up and running in no time.

For help with hardware issues, it’s easy.

You send it to us or we come onsite, our expert computer technicians repair your desktop, laptops, tablets and all-in-one systems and then deliver it back to you. Prices include the repair or replacement of the part, any labor, and all delivery. It’s that easy.

Not sure if you have warranty coverage? It’s as simple as contacting our experts to find out.

Call us at 1850-543-543

Check Warranty Status Online

Hardware Repair
Hardware repair Don’t worry – if you’re experiencing a problem with your Dell computer or tablet, call us. We’re the experts on Dell PCs and tablets and we’re ready to help. We can repair nearly any type of hardware issue, including:
  • Hard Drives and Solid State Drives
  • Processors
  • Motherboards
  • LCD Screens
  • Keyboards and Batteries
  • Graphics Cards
Call us at 1850-543-543
Software, Virus and OS Support
Software, Virus and OS Support
Get help troubleshooting your PC software challenges or get help with system updates or virus removal. We will help get your computer and connected devices running smoothly. Call for pricing.

Call us at 1850-543-543