Work Smarter, Not Harder

Becoming a power user has never been easier or more rewarding. Microsoft® Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2007 are full of features and shortcuts that can help you get your work done faster and more efficiently. Take the time to learn these operations, and save time in the future. Let’s cover a few of the major ways that you can use Windows 7 and Office 2007 to work smarter.


Your Favorite Tools at Your Fingertips

Stay on top of things with desktop gadgets. When we say "gadgets," we’re talking about innovative mini-programs that help you accomplish your daily tasks. Here are a few of the tasks these gadgets can help you with:

  • Searching the web without opening a browser
  • Running picture slide shows
  • Displaying receive-side scaling (RSS) feeds and news headlines
  • Viewing, browsing and playing music from your hard drive
  • Checking your web mail and displaying new message alerts
  • Playing games

How do you download desktop gadgets? Windows 7 comes preloaded with several gadgets, such as Calendar, Clock, Feed Headlines, Slide Show and Picture Puzzle. You can find more free downloads on the Microsoft site.


Windows 7 Instant Search

New and improved search options make it easy to find files immediately. Use Instant Search from the Windows "Start Menu," Windows Explorer windows, or programs such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Media Player. Click and type to begin searching. Instant Search will start searching as you type each letter, and it filters by category.

Instant Search isn’t limited to files. Search email messages from your desktop, or find photos, songs, documents and programs, and launch them by pressing Enter.


Finally, make sure that you take advantage of metadata in your Windows 7 Instant Searches. What’s metadata? Commonly known as "data about data," metadata contains information about files themselves. When you save a file, fill in metadata, like the subject and author of the file. You can even tag your file with terms that describe it, such as: finance, 2009 or house expenses. Then when you search for any of those terms, your file will show up. 

Change Your View Point with Aero Peek, Windows Flip and Windows Flip 3D

Windows 7 gives you the power of x-ray vision, using Aero Peek. Point to the right edge of the taskbar and all open windows instantly become transparent, revealing your hidden icons and gadgets. Click the right edge of the taskbar to remain on your desktop. Peek is included on premium versions of Windows 7.

Windows Flip (Alt + Tab) is a way to browse through your open programs and windows visually — so you can find the right file without hunting around. Flip 3D lets you scroll through your windows like a deck of cards. You can even rotate views in 3D to see all of your files simultaneously.

Bottom line: Being organized is essential to being productive. The new enhancements that Windows 7 offers make organization on your PC much easier.

Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office has long been the standard for office productivity suites. Office Home and Student 2007 broaden your horizons. You get the same robust programs — Word, Excel® and PowerPoint®. You also get OneNote® 2007, which lets you take freeform notes, and distribute and update them with ease.

Powerful add-ons make Office 2007 even easier to use. Use Live Preview to see how your formatting changes will affect your documents before you publish them. Use Document Inspector to remove comments, hidden text and personal information.

Finally, take note of the Microsoft Office Ribbon, which takes the place of the traditional Office toolbar. Think of it as tabbed browsing for productivity programs. Click a tab to see commands related to that action.