Operate, Manage and Monitor Clouds

Operate Operate, manage and monitor with cloud software
How do you operate, manage and monitor your cloud infrastructure to increase efficiency? Ever-changing organizational strategies, the need to manage multiple vendors and the pace of innovation require more than traditional IT practices and management.
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Dell helps you improve service delivery between the device and the data center by managing and monitoring performance through automation and proactively identifying, reporting and resolving issues. Our end-to-end perspective on operating cloud platforms ensures you continue to use your existing processes and investments, rather than doing a rip and replace.

Dell EnstratiusDell Quest vFoglight for VirtualizationDell Quest Foglight Application Performance Management (APM)
Dell Cloud ManagerDell Quest vFoglight for VirtualizationDell Quest Foglight Application Performance Management (APM)
Support the provisioning, management, governance and automation of enterprise applications for single or multiple public, private and hybrid clouds.

Monitor performance, manage capacity and allocate costs across complex VMware ESX and Hyper-V environments — virtually, physically or in the cloud.

Monitor performance while capturing the end-user experience across multiple technologies (for example, Java, .NET, virtual or physical servers, databases and networks).

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Dell Quest vRanger Alert Find 
Dell Quest vRangerAlertFind Enterprise Notification 
Take advantage of this No. 1 VMware data protection solution providing backup and recovery for Windows physical servers and files.Simplify and enhance your enterprise notification process with AlertFind. 
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    Crowbar Software Framework


    Learn how to accelerate multinode cloud deployments, simplify maintenance and streamline ongoing updates with the Crowbar software framework, a modular, open-source framework from Dell.

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    How Dell Does IT: Quest Software


    Dell implements Quest Software internally and positions itself to offer end-to-end business solutions to its customers.

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    Thomas Cook


    Thomas Cook sees a 30 percent increase in bookings and a 50 percent drop in support calls, thanks to Foglight.

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