Governance and Retention

When you need it, it better be there

Preserve the existence and integrity of your data and quickly prove compliance with standards, specifications and clearly defined requirements. Dell storage solutions enable you to archive your data intelligently, track alterations and control access to records — and at the same time, improve application performance with:
  • Simplified management interfaces
  • Automated tiering and advanced metadata tagging
  • Cost-efficient strategies such as leveraging multiple storage systems at the local area network (LAN) level and utilizing disk, tape and private cloud for repositories
Contact a Dell expert and learn more about how our storage platforms can facilitate long-term retention, search and retrieval according to your business requirements.
  1. Centralized Data Repositories

    Centralized Data Repositories

    Build a common data repository that is scalable, cost-effective and structured for easier retrieval. Dell storage solutions ensure that you can quickly access vital information.

  2. E-Discovery

    Compliance, Regulatory & E-Discovery

    Store long-term electronic data and minimize legal risk with an efficient compliance solution. Dell storage solutions make e-discovery of unstructured data easy, no matter how large it gets.

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