How to Shop and Buy at the Dell Store

 Complete each step of the online purchase process
  1. Select a system of interest: choose the system you wish to purchase
  2. Customize and price your system of interest: choose your options and view the price
  3. Review Your Order: you will be able to view full details of your order - including total cost and tax - once you have selected "Type of Purchase", "City" and "State"
  4. Confirm whether your billing and shipping address are the same. If 'Yes', select your City and State.
  5. If your State or City is unavailable, please select "Not Applicable" and then click "Continue" Your order will then be directed to Sales Help Request
  6. If you are a business/commercial user and have entered a VAT Number - and have selected your City and State from the dropdown menu - you may click "Continue" to complete your order and proceed to the checkout page.
  7. The checkout page consists of 3 steps:                    

                          1.Delivery Information
                          2.Payment Information
                          3.Order Confirmation
                             Please provide the information requested and click "Continue".

  8. Once you reach Confirm & Submit Order, click "Submit Order" to finalise your purchase.
  9. If you have two carts, once you submit your order for Cart 1, you will be directed back to Step 3:
    Review Your Order. Simply repeat steps 3-10 to complete your Cart 2 purchase.