Dell Precision: Economics & Financial Services

Dell Precision: Economics & Financial Services
Economics & Financial Services powered by Dell Precision
The right decisions made at the right time make all the difference. Workstations can enable traders and analysts to see more of the market, crunch more data, and find hidden margins with faster software. Dell Precision workstations give:
  • A stable and reliable platform for professional-grade analytics.
  • The power to access massive, complex, evolving data sets.
  • Situational awareness traders need. Output to up to eight displays at once.
  • Security your firm needs to protect sensitive data.
Precision Financial Services
Precision Family 

Why choose Dell?

  • Dell Reliable Memory Technology: Isolates naturally occurring flaws & prevents them from contributing to system crashes.
  • Scalable chassis designs to accommodate massive storage needs
  • Award-winning displays, along with dual & quad monitor stands for maximum viewing capabilities

Solutions for Price Modeling and Analytics

 Precision T5810 Workstation Dell Precision Tower 5810 Fixed Workstation
• Dual Intel® Xeon® Processors to support multiple, simultaneous calculations and models
• High performance graphics for immediate visualization of financial landscapes and positions
• Dual HDD drives to reduced data latency with large files
• Ample, reliable memory to support increasing data sets without delays
Dell Precision M4800 Mobile Workstation  Dell Precision M4800 Mobile Workstation
• High-end processor with Turbo boost for complex simulations
• Professional OpenGL graphics for complex models
• Ample, reliable memory to support large data sets without delays
Fast Hybrid storage with larger storage capacity for quicker response times on complex models