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Oil & Gas: Exploration & Simulation, powered by Dell Precision

Geophysics simulation isn’t simple work. Dell recognizes the investment in software exceeds that of hardware in the Energy sector. That’s why its important your technology:

  • Reduces costs by enabling more comprehensive, accurate, and detailed visualizations and surveys.
  • Increases overall productivity to further improve your firm's data-driven decision making capabilities.
  • Handles massive data-sets and time-critical computing processes with ease.
  • Works with top applications used for geophysical research and exploration.
Oil and Gas
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Why choose Dell?

  • ISV certified workstations optimized to work with nearly 100 applications, including Schlumberger® GeoFrame® and more.
  • Dependable, serviceable and massively scalable chassis designs to handle large data sets.
  • Energy sector ready hardware for rapid seismic visualization and acceleration to production with Intel® Xeon® processors

Solutions for Schlumberger GeoFrame® & Petrel®

GeoFrame Petrel
Precision T7910 Workstation Dell Precision Tower 7910 Fixed Workstation  
• Dual Intel® Xeon® Processors to speed rendering and imaging
• High performance graphics for visualizing complex 3D perspectives
• Dual SSD drives to support real world data volumes
• Extreme memory to incorporate even more data for repeatable workflows
 Dell Precision M6800 Mobile Workstation Dell Precision M6800 Mobile Workstation
• High-end processor with Turbo boost for faster response with complex files
• High performance graphics for visualizing complex 3D visualization
• Fast SSD storage for quicker response times
• 43.1cm (17) Full HD resolution screen for superior viewing of volume interpretation & GIS data