About Adelante

Employee resource groups are part of the Dell Global Diversity and Inclusion strategy. Employee resource groups represent a community of team members with common interests, such as ethnicity, gender, nationality, lifestyle or sexual orientation. Employee resource groups must have approved charters from Dell Global Diversity and Inclusion and the executive leadership team.

Adelante is the chartered networking group for team members with interests aligned with the Hispanic community.

Adelante was one of a select group of Above and Beyond Award recipients to be honored by Diversity Best Practices in 2010 for advancing global diversity and inclusion activities at Dell.

Mission and Objectives

The Adelante mission is to enhance the personal and professional development of team members whose interests align with the Hispanic community and use their creativity and experience in an effort to improve the Dell competitive advantage. Adelante aims to:

  • Support Dell's efforts to recruit talented Hispanics
  • Help retain all top-performing Hispanics at Dell
  • Provide a forum for informal mentoring and training sessions for members to enhance their professional development and effectiveness at Dell
  • Serve as a trusted source of insight and creativity for Dell as we continue to build our winning culture
  • Use the collective experiences of members to identify and to help the company better understand motivations and concerns that may be unique to Hispanics
  • Partner with other internal groups and actively support their initiatives and external activities

Participating Executives

Each resource group has one or more executive sponsors, who are responsible for providing executive leadership to the group and interfacing with the Dell Global Diversity Council. Executive sponsors must be members of the Dell Executive Leadership Team. The event sponsor of Adelante is Brian Gladden, senior vice president, finance and chief financial officer.


Initiatives of Adelante for this year focus on:

  • Business initiatives — Develop programs aimed at solving real-world business problems by using the best and brightest Adelante talent to improve profitability at Dell.
  • Community — Inform Adelante members of community events, engage Adelante members to volunteer in both the community team’s signature events and local group events, and promote community awareness throughout Dell. The community team’s signature events are the Austin, Texas Cinco de Mayo Celebration, LIVESTRONG Challenge and Brown Santa.
  • Leadership — Empower graduates of the previous year's Global Diversity Network Leadership Series to act as the liaison between Global Diversity and Inclusion and the Adelante core leadership team to assure that the class runs smoothly. The Leadership Networking Group is a six-month self-taught leadership course encompassing all Dell employee resource groups.
  • Membership — Proactively drive engagement and inclusion of Adelante members through exciting and productive membership activities, such as networking, social and community events.
  • Administration — Maintain the Adelante Web site, generate a monthly newsletter, organize core team lead and executive sponsor meetings, create and communicate an events calendar, and track the budget.

Adelante addresses these initiatives through the efforts of members that volunteer to serve as core team members (up to five core team members per initiative), with lots of support from the general members of Adelante.

Support to Dell

Adelante members provide support to Dell by:

  • Participating in the Dell New Hire Buddy Program to help newly hired employees learn about and navigate within Dell. Buddies also serve as a person with whom new hires can network or start to learn more about Adelante.
  • Supporting the Global Diversity Network Leadership Series (see Initiatives).
  • Supporting an event on speed networking, providing information and tips on how team members can get the most out of speed networking events.
  • Serving as the lead volunteer organization for the Dell TechKnow program within the Austin Independent School District. Dell TechKnow is a program designed and offered by Dell to provide in-depth technology literacy and 21st-century skills to students.
  • Forming and managing the Dell team for the LIVESTRONG Challenge. The Dell team was the largest corporate team in both the 2007 and 2008 LIVESTRONG events in Austin and has raised more than $150,000 to support LIVESTRONG’s fight against cancer.

Cultural Awareness

Adelante leads the planning and execution of the Dell annual observance of Hispanic Heritage Month each September. These observances recognize the contributions of Hispanics each year. Recent activities for Hispanic Heritage Month have featured:

Community Involvement

In addition to planning and supporting internal events, Adelante members are also active in events in the communities where Dell team members live and work. Examples include making donations of food or money for the annual Dell Can Hunger food drive, supporting Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the communities where Dell team members live and work, organizing Salsa Nights for an evening of dancing or putting together great food sampling events such as the Latin Nations Food Festival.