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Dell is committed to providing an environment that values and develops individual talents, respects the needs of its people and applies collective strengths toward the complete satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders. Dell recognizes that diversity is essential to enhancing the customer experience, which is the key to our success. We also understand that it is our diverse teams, who produce the diverse and innovative ideas that make Dell the computer systems company of choice for our customers around the world.

An Important Market Segment

Hispanics are an important market segment for Dell. And to help build a strong relationship with our Hispanic customers, we have developed a number of new communication channels.

Online Media

An element of our communications with Hispanics is our web portal that was created for customers who value a combination of technology, style and personalization. You can visit www.dell.com/home, where you’ll find information about products from Dell, featured artists that design custom laptop covers, tips on how to enhance your life with technology and information on environmental programs.

Dell also utilizes various social media tools to provide more interaction, keep in touch with Dell or receive special offers on products:

  • DellenDirecto (in Spanish) — a Spanish-language version of Direct2Dell, Dell’s external blog that allows anyone to exchange information on technology or anything else that may be on your mind
  • Dell on Twitter — provides tweets with special offers from Dell
  • Dell on Facebook® — Dell’s social networking page on Facebook
  • Dell on MySpace® — Dell’s social networking page on MySpace

Dell Sales and Support in Spanish for US Consumer

In November 2007, Dell launched dedicated Spanish-language sales and support. Customers nationwide can call 1 866-751-6079 to reach Spanish-speaking Dell representatives for help with a purchase, to get answers to technical or service questions, and to arrange financing. Information on Spanish-language support options is also available at www.dell.es.

Advertising and Events

Another way Dell communicates with Hispanics is through traditional advertising, both print media and online. Dell has an extended history of advertising in key publications that reach Hispanics, including Hispanic Business, Hispanic Magazine and Hispanic Network Magazine.

Partnering With Hispanics

Dell works with numerous Hispanic organizations and businesses for all kinds of things — advancing important causes, purchasing components or products and attracting good job candidates.

Partnering With Hispanic-Focused Organizations

Dell diversity partnerships and community initiatives reach out to multicultural customer groups and benefit diverse communities in order to promote access to technology, talent, business and education in our communities. Dell believes that creating mutually beneficial partnerships with national civic organizations, professional development organizations, and multicultural business and community groups helps us exceed our customers' needs and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Some of the Hispanic groups we partner with include:

Buying From Diverse Suppliers

As one of the world’s leading technology companies, Dell purchases parts and components from suppliers around the world. One of the key drivers in our purchasing decisions is to work with diverse suppliers, including businesses owned by Hispanics, whenever possible. This has been a successful strategy, resulting in Dell being:

  • Named by DiversityInc as one of the Top 10 Companies for Supplier Diversity in 2008.
  • Ranked second by DiversityBusiness.com in its 2008 survey of Top Organizations for Multicultural Business Opportunities. For the second year in a row, Dell is the highest ranked technology company on the list.
  • Named to the Billion Dollar Roundtable in 2008 — The Billion Dollar Roundtable recognizes corporations that spend at least $1 billion with minority and woman-owned suppliers. In fiscal year 2008, Dell’s spending with diverse suppliers reached over $2.4 billion — a significant increase over the past 5 years.

Click here for more information on Dell’s supplier diversity efforts.

Recruiting Hispanics to Work at Dell

Hiring Hispanics to work at Dell is a key objective of our diversity program. At Dell, diversity is more than an essential element of our corporate values. It’s a force that helps shape the type of company we are and aspire to be. We recognize diversity as the key to succeeding in the marketplace, fostering a winning culture where Dell employees are highly talented, committed, reflective of our global customers and recognized as our greatest strength.

The Dell Human Resources team utilizes various resources to identify and recruit talented Hispanics to work at Dell. For example, Dell works with the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers to identify highly qualified candidates in different fields. Dell frequently sponsors or participates in the annual conferences of these organizations and takes advantage of the opportunity to meet highly qualified candidates and conduct initial interviews with some of those attendees. Dell also sponsors networking events or Internet cafes that we set up at these events.

For Employees

Employee Networking Group

Dell employees can join or participate in a number of employee networking groups, including one specifically for Hispanics — aDellante. The group name is based on the Spanish word "adelante," which means onward or to go forward. Similarly, the members of aDellante work to advance Dell’s business. The group’s mission is to enhance the personal and professional development of Hispanics and leverage their creativity and experience in an effort to improve Dell’s competitive advantage.

aDellante aims to:

  • Support Dell’s efforts to recruit talented Hispanics
  • Help retain all top-performing Hispanics at Dell
  • Provide a forum for informal mentoring and training sessions for members to enhance their professional development and effectiveness at Dell
  • Serve as a trusted source of insight and creativity for Dell as we continue to build our Winning Culture
  • Use the collective experiences of members to identify and to help the company better understand motivations and concerns that may be unique to Hispanics
  • Partner with other internal groups and actively support their initiatives and external activities

aDellante members support and participate in a number of community events each year. Some recent examples include:

  • Collecting donations of food or money for Dell’s annual Can Hunger food drive
  • Supporting Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the communities where Dell employees live and work
  • Organizing Salsa Nights for an evening of dancing or putting together great food sampling events such as the Latin Nations Food Festival
  • Serving as the lead volunteer organization for the Dell TechKnow program within the Austin Independent School District. Dell TechKnow is a program designed and offered by Dell to provide in-depth technology literacy and 21st century skills to students.
  • Formation and management of the Dell employee team for the LIVESTRONG Challenge. The Dell team was the largest corporate team in both the 2008 and 2007 LIVESTRONG events in Austin, and has raised more than $150,000 to support LIVESTRONG’s fight against cancer.

Training and Development

Dell offers numerous training and development programs to employees. These are all intended to grow employees’ skills and develop future leaders for the company. Key programs include:

  • Global Leadership Development — focus on maximizing employee competencies and skills to continue to drive Dell's success
  • Harvard ManageMentor — a model for managing mentor programs
  • Function-specific training courses — hundreds of courses to develop skills for areas such as sales, technology development or finance
  • Globesmart — online resources to help employees communicate, build relationships and collaborate with new and existing colleagues, customers and suppliers worldwide

Issues Important to Hispanics

Participation in the communities that Dell employees call home has been a fundamental aspect of Dell’s success. We encourage employees to get involved in their local communities and help make a difference. Dell also directly supports several issues that have special importance to Hispanics:

Dell YouthConnect — Dell YouthConnect directs corporate giving to organizations in emerging countries that promote education and incorporate math, science, literacy and/or technology skills development for youth aged up to 17. Dell YouthConnect has provided grants to organizations in Mexico and Brazil and currently is supporting a number of organizations in those countries. The Dell Foundation helps empower communities to address basic needs through the following programs:

Healthy Communities — addresses basic needs for children such as food, shelter, safety and healthcare

Literate Communities — addresses basic needs of quality education, particularly in math, science and literacy

Connected Communities — addresses technology and access to areas of the community where there is an identified need

The environment — In 2007, Dell set the goal of becoming the greenest technology company on the planet. We’ve done a lot to achieve that goal, including taking the number one position on the Technology Business Research Corporate Sustainability Index Benchmark Report for 2009. Have a look at Dell Earth for more information on what we’re doing to protect and improve the environment.

Recognizing Dell's Support of Hispanics

Dell has been recognized by numerous publications and multicultural groups for our diversity efforts, including several major awards from Hispanic-focused organizations. Check here for a full list of Dell’s diversity awards, some highlights related to Hispanics include:

  • Dell was named in 2007 and 2008 as a Readers' Choice Best Diversity Company by the readers of Diversity/Careers in Engineering & Information Technology magazine.
  • Dell was ranked second by DiversityBusiness.com in its 2007 and 2008 survey of Top 50 Companies for Multicultural Business Opportunities. For the second year in a row, Dell was the highest ranked technology company on the list.
  • Dell was named by DiversityInc as one of the Top 10 Companies for Supplier Diversity in 2008.
  • Dell was ranked second by DiversityBusiness.com in its 2008 survey of Top Organizations for Multicultural Business Opportunities. For the second year in a row, Dell was the highest ranked technology company in the list.
  • Dell was named to the Billion Dollar Roundtable in 2008. The Billion Dollar Roundtable recognizes corporations that spend at least $1 billion with minority and woman-owned suppliers. In fiscal year 2008, Dell’s spending with diverse suppliers reached over $2.4 billion — a significant increase over the past five years.