Employees in ActionDell’s Gina Cano Balances Work and Life While Maximizing Customer Relationships and Reducing Company Expenses

Gina Cano, service delivery manager, manages a global team remotely with team members residing in Brazil; Mexico; Panama; Phoenix, Arizona; and Round Rock, Texas.

As a remote manager leading a global team, Gina has perfected the flexible work solution to enhance both her personal life and her professional life.

Since she began working from home, Gina found she has become healthier. She now has time for daily walks around her neighborhood, and although a self-confessed bad cook, Gina is making healthier choices when dining in at lunch.

The nonexistent commuting schedule has helped Gina cut her gas, food and dry cleaning expenses by half or more. This enables her to transfer more funds into savings and spend a little more on home projects, family getaways and the occasional new pair of shoes — a girl’s favorite.

Customers also are enjoying the convenience and support provided by Gina and her team. With the flexible work schedule, the team is building strong relationships with customers as each team member works variable hours to accommodate the time zones they support.

Plus, the team’s flexible work arrangements help make better use of company resources and dollars. With home offices, Gina and her team are able to spend more time in the morning working — avoiding traffic and the inevitable hallway chats — and don’t incur the expense of occupying cubicle space at the office. In addition, by converting to Avaya soft phones, the team’s long-distance charges have been cut by as much as 80 percent.

“Working remotely on a flexible work team allows each of us to create a healthy balance of work and personal time, while also effectively using and reducing company resources,” Gina says. “Despite the thousands of miles that separate us, today’s world of technology is bringing diverse cultures into increasing contact — making it easier for our team to stay connected via phone, email and instant messenger. Having this flexibility has improved my personal life in ways I would never have thought possible. And as you might have guessed, I love my job and am extremely grateful for the support of the leadership team.”

Gina and her team are just one example of the great return the flexible work solution provides for Dell employees.

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