Dell™ diversity strategy is focused on driving an environment of inclusion, where employees are embraced and accepted as an integral part of the team wherever they work. Working successfully with people from different cultures and countries is a skill that greatly impacts Dell's ability to compete in the global markets we serve.

We are committed to cross-cultural training and eliminating barriers that hinder our multicultural team from achieving their personal and professional best. All US-based employees are required to complete diversity-awareness training. The training is made available to employees at every location and at every level.

Cross-Cultural Skills: Dell offers workshops and tools that teach effective strategies for collaborating with colleagues in more than 50 countries. Employees use a content–rich, online tool that applies six core cultural dimensions to compare and contrast cultural norms of the employees in different countries. This insight helps establish cohesive working relationships and positive customer interactions.

Micro-Messages: Micro-messages are subtle, usually subconscious messages that can devalue, discourage and ultimately impair performance in the workplace at all levels of the organization. MicroInequity workshops develop a common language for open discussion about workplace micro-messages and help empower employees with techniques to identify and address familiar micro-messages in the workplace.