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Recycle your old Dell electronic equipment through Dell's free Recycling program

How to Recycle

How To Recycle

  • The shipping address is the location where the carrier will collect your computer equipment.
To ensure your shipment arrives on time and in proper condition, please follow these simple shipping tips. (You will need to provide your own box and packing material):
  • Be sure to remove any personal data from your system.
  • Use sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes. We encourage the use of recycled boxes. Please make sure that the box is in good condition to ship your equipment.
  • Wrap fragile materials individually so they do not touch each other.
Consumer Recycling Features
  • You may recycle up to 25 Kgs per box. The PC and monitor will need to be boxed separately.
  • Tape the box closed.
  • Remove old address/shipping labels from the outside of the box.
  • Clearly write in big text "DELL RECYCLING" on the outside of the box.
  • For IT equipment recycling the carrier will collect the box on the date provided in their email. Please ensure you are available for the collection If you or your package is not available, the carrier will leave you a note and return the next day for pickup. If you or your package is not available for a second day, your request will be cancelled.
Recycling Terms & Conditions
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How to Recycle