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Cloud Client Computing for Education

Imagine what your students could accomplish if they had access to the resources in the campus computer lab whenever, wherever they needed them.

The Dell Virtual Labs advantage
Dell Virtual Labs uses desktop virtualization technology to make this vision a reality. With Dell's solution, the campus lab is virtually located in a centralized data center that is remotely accessible by students, faculty and staff, which:

  • Allows students access to lab applications and data from any device, anywhere — whether they’re in the library, their dorm rooms or off campus.
  • Provides the same performance to students, faculty and staff no matter what operating system or device they’re using.
  • Reduces the time IT staff spends managing desktop devices and frees up time for more strategic projects.
Using Intel® technology and desktop virtualization, Dell is helping students cross the digital divide without having to cross campus.

The right fit for each user
Dell offers a variety of traditional clients and Dell Wyse thin and zero clients as end points. A one-size-fits-all approach no longer applies: You can give each user exactly what they need and manage everything centrally. Plus, Dell Wyse thin and zero clients are extremely secure and feature zero-touch management, reducing or eliminating desktop support visits.

Tested to work with higher education applications
Dell has spent more than 50,000 hours in the lab simplifying the process of building and operating a Desktop Virtualization Solution (DVS) stack. Dell has validated the most critical higher education applications on these DVS platforms, and provides guidance on licensing the applications in a virtual environment.

Meeting the needs of large and small institutions
For institutions with large, centralized deployments, our Dell DVS Enterprise Integrated Solution uses either Citrix XenDesktop or VMware View virtualization technologies.

For a department or a small university, the DVS Simplified Appliance features prepackaged, preconfigured and pretested hardware, software and support for an affordable solution that is faster and easier to implement.

Provide an affordable end-to-end solution — Dell Virtual Labs with Dell DaaS
Have you shifted your IT strategy to keep up with modern requirements? The competition has. Get on board with the latest social, BYOD, virtual, convergence, contextual and cloud requirements for up-to-the-minute information technology and give your users access to any application from any device. Dell Virtual Labs with Desktop as a Service (DaaS) can be the easiest and most affordable way to deploy virtual desktops for many environments.

To learn more, read our whitepaper, take a look at a case study, peruse our reference architectures in the Resources section below or contact your Dell sales representative.

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