Industry Insights

Today, school districts are transforming teaching and learning to meet the needs of next-generation learners. They are seeking ways to personalize learning and to give students more ownership of the learning process. Teachers are encouraging students to be creative and to collaborate with people inside and outside of the classroom.

Technology can be the enabler that supports this educational change. But before districts determine what technology they need, they must create a vision and set goals for the learning outcomes they wish to achieve. They can then develop a technology strategy that aligns with those outcomes.
In the process of executing this strategy, districts should:

  • Conduct an end-to-end evaluation of their IT infrastructure to identify obstacles to a successful implementation as well as cost-reduction opportunities, and to develop a road map for reducing complexity and increasing IT efficiency.
  • Capture, store and use actionable data to track student progress, improve operational efficiency and meet reporting requirements.
  • Provide professional learning for teachers and administrators that includes training, events and professional development with long-range impact on teaching practices and student learning.

Dell helps school districts drive this transformation by delivering solutions that address the core education issues surrounding academic and student success: personalized learning, integrated digital learning environments, data management and education analytics, and the need for an effective and efficient technology infrastructure.