Donate to a Worthy Cause
We are proud to partner with the National Cristina Foundation (NCF), an organization that makes it easy for you to find local non-profits, schools and public agencies across the country to donate your useable technology and give it a second life to help people in need.

NCF Helps Give Your Old Technology a Second Life to ‘Help Link Life to Its Promise’
Over 1,000 pre-screened non-profits and schools throughout the United States are members of the National Cristina Foundation’s network. Donations of your gently used technology can help make a significant difference to support the education and training of thousands of people with disabilities, students at risk and those who are economically disadvantaged. 

Finding Local Organizations That Need Your Used Equipment
The National Cristina Foundation’s Non-Profit Locator is an online system that allows you to find Non-profits and schools by zip code, city or state that are in need of equipment donations like yours. The process is easy and there is no charge to you or the recipient groups.

How to Donate Through NCF
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your location (address, city/state, zip, etc) and search for local recipients.
  3. Read about the local organizations and their equipment needs. Choose one by clicking the Donate Now button to complete your online donation. Follow the instructions for getting your donation to your chosen organization.
  4. Once your donation has been dropped off or picked up you’ll be given a Donation Acknowledgment Letter that you can use for tax purposes.