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Evolve the workplace.

Happy people work better. Beyond basic productivity, they’re more inspired, engaged and warmed up for the exercise of innovation. At Dell, we’re committed to doing what we can to improve the work experience for all our team members. And one of the best ways we’ve found to do this is providing flexible work solutions.
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We are connected

In the technology sector, we know exactly how fast the world changes. To stay ahead, we’ve learned to be quick and adaptive to keep our business growing strong. Right now, we’re rethinking the traditional office model and working with our team members to find the best possible evolution. We offer several Connected Workplace opportunities for team members to maximize their potential.

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Our Connected Workplace programs have evolved to being a key component of our culture as well as our efforts to attract and retain world-class talent. Enabling a flexible workforce allows us to hire the best person for each role, despite their physical location or ability to commute to a Dell facility. Flexible opportunities offered for team members to maximize their potential include:

  • Mobile (telework)
  • Remote work
  • Flextime
  • Part time
  • Job sharing
  • Compressed work week
  • Custom solutions

Our Connected Workplace programs help Dell and our team members avoid 40,000 metric tonnes of CO2e annually. Flexible work practices also help to conserve natural resources and energy, reduce transportation-related pollution, promote public safety and lessen the strain on transportation systems. It also allows us to maximize our use of office space, supporting team members in working where and when they’re most productive and minimizing our operating costs and environmental impact.

We understand tools, technology and training are imperative for remote or mobile team members to cultivate personal connections, build strong teams and manage a dispersed global workforce. Therefore, we continue to invest in and encourage team members to utilize resources available to them such as virtual training offerings and a dependable IT infrastructure.

Diverse and inclusive workplace

At Dell, we recognize and do business in a world that is constantly evolving. We understand that managing diversity and championing an inclusive culture is essential to our collective success. To build enduring relationships, we must create a welcoming workplace where people of all backgrounds come together to do their best work. By embracing these individual differences and actively leveraging them, we are able to harness each team member’s full potential, drive innovation and foster an environment for our global team to do their best work and meet the aspirations of our customers.

Two ways in which we underscore our commitment to inclusion are through:

Employee Resource Groups
Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) create a platform of networking, leadership development, community volunteer opportunities and avenues for driving business results. Dell has 14 Employee ERGs that are focused on: females, Blacks, Hispanics, Asian Americans, Indian Subcontinent, faith, LGBT, disabilities, generations, environment, veterans, cultural diversity and our remote workforce.

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Cultural awareness training

As part of our commitment to ensuring our teams around the globe respect and value one another, we require that our new team members participate in cultural awareness training that facilitates powerful self-awareness. Team members are exposed to behaviors that are productive and counter-productive in creating an inclusive workplace and at the same time are given tools to help support one another to foster a more collaborative environment.