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Dell UltraSharp™ Monitors 

S Series Monitors 

IN Series Monitors

Dell UltraSharp Monitor
Dell UltraSharp Monitor
Recommended for best-in-class performances
S Series Monitor 
S Series Monitor
More viewable screen content and multimedia features
In Series Monitor
IN Series Monitors
Recommended viewing with HD
Recommended for:
Casual gamer
Professional photography
Graphic design
Engineering/technical applications
High-precision display need
Recommended for:
Casual multimedia and photo editing
Presentation creation
Recommended for:
Word processing
Web surfing
  • Highly detailed work
  • High-definition imagery
  • PremierColor accuracy
  • Award-winning technology
  • Wider screens for multiple windows
  • Several port options for multimedia connectivity
  • Full high-definition resolution for cinematic picture quality
  • Slim design that fits easily in your space
  • Typically crisp imagery and fonts
  • Budget-friendly technology
Suggested Models:

30" — U3011
27" — U2711
24" — U2410
24" — U2412M
23" — U2312HM
22" — U2212HM
Suggested Models:

22" — S2240L
22” — S2240M
22” — ST2220L
22" Ultrathin — S2230MX
22" Touch — ST2220T
23” Touch — S2340T
23” — S2340L
23" — ST2320L
23" Ultrathin — S2330MX
24" — S2440L
24” — ST2420L
27” — S2740L
Suggested Models:

19" — IN1930
20" — IN2030M

World-class performance

Outstanding multimedia, Full HD

Affordable widescreen with HD

NamesUltraSharp™ST and UltraSlim SeriesIN Series
  • VGA
  • DVI
  • HDMI*
  • DisplayPort
  • USB Ports
* Only on U2410, U2711, U3011
  • VGA*
  • DVI**
  • HDMI***
  • USB****
  • DisplayPort, Ethernet Headphones
  • Microphone*****
* S2240L/M, S2340L/M, S2440L, S2740L only
** S2240M, S2340M, S2740L only
*** S2240L, S2340L, S2440L, S2740L
**** S2340T and S2740L only
***** S2340T only
  • VGA
  • DVI*

* IN2030M only

Tilt, Swivel and Height Adjustablejanichtnicht
Wide Angle Viewing with IPS Technologyjajanicht
PremierColor Technologyjanichtnicht
Premium Panel Guarantee:
No Dead Pixels
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Glossy Screennichtjanicht
Some Dell monitors are specifically designed for special functionality and entertainment. Read below to learn about this unique Dell monitor — our multi-touch ST2340T, designed to let your fingers scroll, tap, drag, stretch and more.

What is it?

  • Dell’s first Windows 8-compatible multi-touch monitor

What makes it different?
  • The S2340T monitor allows up to 10 multi-touch points
  • It has a multiposition articulating stand that can tilt 10° forward and all the way backward until laid completely flat
  • It comes with Full HD integrated web camera, dual microphone and 2 integrated 5W speakers
  • Includes image enhance feature, which improves the clarity and colors of your images on screen
  • Offers USB cable — a plug-and-play cable solution to PC devices, which easily enables touch functionality on screen without the use of a traditional docking station
    • Connections include: HDMI, DisplayPort, (2) USB 3.0, Ethernet, headphones and microphone

When attempting to connect your monitor to a laptop, you may encounter a variety of ports. These include VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort options. On, you’ll find a variety of adapters to help you connect your laptop to any monitor.

Read below to learn more about a few of the different types of adapters.

Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter Connect your laptop with a mini DisplayPort to your monitor’s VGA port.
DisplayPort to VGA Adapter Connect your laptop with a DisplayPort to your monitor’s VGA port.
DisplayPort to HDMI™ Adapter Connect your laptop with a DisplayPort to an HDMI port on your monitor or television.
DisplayPort to DVI Adapter Connect your laptop with a DisplayPort to your monitor’s DVI port.