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1. Purchase Dell Inspiron™, XPS™,
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2. An activation code will be sent
to your inbox within 5 working days.
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The DELL — YES 100 MINS ("the Promotion") is jointly organized by YTL Communications Sdn Bhd ("Yes") and Dell Sales Malaysia Sdn Bhd ("Dell") and is made available in Malaysia only during the course of the Promotion Period (defined below). Use of all items and/or devices under the Promotion on the Yes network or in relation to any of the services provided by Yes shall, unless specifically excluded and/or differentiated, be subject to its Customer Subscription Agreement ("CSA") as well as the terms of this Promotion. The following terms and conditions shall apply in addition to and not in substitution of the aforementioned CSA. All undefined capitalized terms shall have the same meaning as that provided in the CSA. The Promotion particulars and all applicable terms and conditions are as set out below:


1. Promotion Bundle. One (1) unit of Yes ID Starter Pack with Ringgit Malaysia Nine (RM 9.00) only worth of usage credits to be bundled together with one (1) unit of any Dell XPS, Inspiron or Alienware series personal computer or laptop (collectively referred to as “the Promotion Bundle”). The Promotion Bundle may be purchased directly from Dell via telephone order at 1800880301 or online order at www.dell.com.my (“Dell Direct”). The Promotion Bundles are limited to 24,000 units (stocks) only and is provided on a “first come first serve” basis. 

 2. Promotion period. The Promotion shall be available from 23 May 2012 for a period of two (2) years or until stocks last, whichever is earlier. All and/or any Promotion items/service in the Promotion Bundle purchased outside of the Promotion period or from outlets other than Dell Direct or purchased individually (i.e. not part of the Promotion Bundle) shall not be eligible for nor be entitled to the offerings and features of this Promotion.

3. Not exchangeable for cash. For the avoidance of doubt, the Promotion items/service and the credits are provided strictly for the purposes of the Promotion and the permitted uses and shall not be exchangeable for cash or any other product offered by Yes.

New Subscribers. The Promotion shall be available for purchase by customers who are both new and existing subscribers of the Yes service. However, the usage credits are nontransferable to other existing Yes ID.

YES ID redemption. The Yes ID Starter Pack must be activated via activation code, which will be (a) emailed directly to customer within 24 hours from Yes receiving Dell’s confirmation of customer’s purchase of the Promotion Bundle if the Promotion Bundle was purchased online or (b) provided to Dell sales service personnel who will perform the activation on behalf of the customer immediately if the purchase of the Promotion Bundle was purchased by telephone order. If the activation code is provided to customer by email as in (a) above, customer will need to activate the Yes ID at Yes website (http://www.yes.my) with the activation code and Dell’s order confirmation number. Customers are required to provide mandatory information such as name, address, Dell service tag number, valid email address and contact number to Dell at the point of purchase (online or telephone order) for the redemption.

Yes ID validity. Inactivated Yes ID will expire in sixty (60) days from the date the activation code is emailed to customer. The Ringgit Malaysia 9.00 (RM 9) credit usages will expire upon 30 days from the date of activation of the Yes ID. Minimum usage requirement (MUR) of Ringgit Malaysia Thirty (RM 30) only per month shall apply.

No unbundling. The Promotion Bundle shall be purchased as one single Promotion Bundle and its items/service shall not be unbundled to be sold individually to customers.

Misc. Except for the above, all other terms and conditions contained in the customer Subscription Agreement shall remain and be applicable. Notwithstanding any perceived similarities, these terms and the promotion offer specified herein do not apply to any purchase or subscription of any other Yes plan or after the end of the Promotion Period.


Yes 100 minutes FAQ

1. What is Yes 100 minutes?

Yes 100 minutes is a joint promotion between Dell and Yes. Every purchase from Dell Direct (online or phone-in) of Inspiron™, XPS™ or Alienware™ is eligible to redeem a FREE Prepaid Yes ID account preloaded with 100 minutes talktime/100 SMSes.

2. When is the promotion period valid for Yes 100 minutes?

The Yes 100 minutes is valid from May 23, 2012 to May 22, 2014 or while stock lasts.

3. What do I get from this promotion?

A FREE Prepaid Yes ID account preloaded with 100 minutes talktime/100 SMS.

4. Can I transfer my Yes 100 minutes to another Yes subscriber?

No, the Yes 100 minutes is not transferable.

5. How do I get the FREE Yes 100 minutes?

You will need to purchase a computer from Dell Inspiron, XPS or Alienware series through Dell Direct (online or phone-in) to be eligible for Yes 100 minutes.

6. Does the Yes 100 minutes have an expiry period?

The Yes 100 minutes expires in 60 days upon receival of the redemption email sent to you.

7. When is the expiry date for Yes 100 minutes upon activation?

The Yes 100 minutes expires in 30 days upon activation.

8. Can I carry forward my Yes 100 minutes if I have not utilized it within 30 days?

No, Yes 100 minutes expires within 30 days upon activation. Unused minutes/SMSes are not to be carried forward to the following month.

9. What can I do with the Yes 100 minutes?

You can make 100 minutes talktime/100 SMSes for free with Yes 100 minutes

10. How do I redeem Yes 100 minutes?

To redeem, go to https://www.yes.my/activation and select Yes 100 minutes. You will need to have your Dell’s Order Number and Activation Code to activate your FREE Yes 100 minutes.

11. How do I start using Yes 100 minutes?

Download and install Yes Life application form from http://www.yes.my/v3/personal/whats-hot/dell-yes100minutes.do#download and log in with your registered Yes ID and Password. Once that is done, you can start making voice calls and sending SMSes.

(Note: Link “Download” to http://www.yes.my/v3/personal/whats-hot/dell-yes100minutes.do#download)

12. What happens after I use up my Yes 100 minutes?

You will need to reload your Yes account to continue receiving or making calls and SMSes. Click here for various Reload options.

(Note: Link “here” http://www.yes.my/v3/personal/plans/prepaid/how-to-reload.do)

13. What do I need to do when my Yes 100 minutes expires?

You will need to reload your Yes account to continue receiving or making calls and SMSes. Click here for various reload options.

(Note: Link “here” http://www.yes.my/v3/personal/plans/prepaid/how-to-reload.do)

14. How do I reload my Yes account?

To reload online, visit Yes Express Payment Channel or log in to your My Account.Click here for more reload options.

Link “Yes Express Payment Channel” to https://www.yes.my/xportal
Link “My Account” to https://www.yes.my/myselfcare
Link “here” to http://www.yes.my/v3/personal/plans/prepaid/how-to-reload.do

15. Can I use the Yes 100 minutes to surf the internet?

Yes, you can if you have Yes devices. To learn more about Yes devices, click here.

(Note: Link “here” to http://www.yes.my/v3/personal/devices.do)

16. Where can I purchase Yes devices?

You can purchase Yes devices from any of our Yes Store or Yes Retail Partners near you.

Link “Yes Stores” to http://www.yes.my/v3/store-locator.do
Link “Yes Retail Partners” to http://www.yes.my/v3/store-locator/retail-partners.do