• Comprehensive Dell portfolio enhances learning and teaching experiences across largest county in continental U.S.
  • Dell SonicWALL and KACE software drive security and systems management improvements to better support new teaching and assessment standards
  • Dell storage and networking provide more scalable, future-ready IT infrastructure while Dell PowerEdge VRTX deployment reduces IT footprint

Dell today announced the successful deployment of holistic, end-to-end hardware and software solutions that enable San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS) to further its mission of transforming lives through education. Dell plays a major role in ensuring that SBCSS consistently delivers the highest levels of educational services to more than 412,000 students and 17,000 teachers, administrators and staff across 33 elementary school districts with more than 500 school sites.

The ability to address the ever-present challenges in the California educational system are compounded by the county’s size, which covers 22,000 square miles, making it the largest county in the continental United States. Additionally, SBCSS is in the midst of four major initiatives, including a new funding model, the rollout of local control accountability plans as well as continued implementation of Common Core standards and Smarter Balance assessments. As a result, the county requires a robust, reliable and secure technology infrastructure to meet current and future needs.

"The implementation of new educational standards requires advanced hardware and software that support new ways to teach, learn and collaborate," said Dave Hansen, general manager of sales, marketing and services for Dell Software. "By delivering a holistic mix of end-to-end solutions for the data center, network and classroom, Dell is helping San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools leverage leading-edge technology to address new teaching and assessment requirements."

Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve with Dell

As part of Dell’s comprehensive portfolio, SBCSS relies on leading-edge software solutions, including Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive Firewalls and Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances, to take security and endpoint systems management to the next level. Additionally, SBCSS has deployed Dell PowerEdge blade servers to accommodate its massive VMware infrastructure; replaced its outdated Cisco switches with Dell Networking solutions to increase network capacity and connectivity at both the edges and core of its countywide network; and took out its complicated and expensive EMC storage system and replaced it with scalable Dell EqualLogic storage arrays to keep pace with ever-increasing data growth. Using Dell’s infrastructure lowered the number of physical servers to six in their data center that could run upwards of 130 virtual servers. This allows the organization to provide bigger hosts and end servers for its teachers and students to utilize.

Dell’s end-to-end solutions enable SBCSS to effectively and affordably address data center challenges, ensuring the county has best-of-class server performance, storage scalability, network bandwidth and securityboth inside its data center and across all schools and classrooms. The county chose to use Dell PowerEdge VRTX integrated server, storage, networking, and management solutions to augment and replace remote file servers at sites to get a much smaller server footprint and leverage VMware’s environment on top to provide greater benefits down the road. Additionally, SBCSS is evaluating Dell SecureWorks service to help enhance its network security policy. With Dell’s product portfolio, SBCSS can better address unfolding educational requirements and opportunities.

Simplifying Inventory, Compliance and Deployments with Dell KACE Endpoint Systems Management

SBCSS has deployed Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances to enhance endpoint security as well as improve inventory, system configuration, OS deployment, remote systems management and help desk capabilities by automating and streamlining various tasks. In doing so, seven different products were eliminated while slashing the time and effort required countywide to support an array of Dell desktops, laptops, and Chromebooks as well as Macintosh computers.

As part of a major migration from Windows XP to Windows 7, Dell KACE enabled the IT team to reduce OS deployment time for a single machine from over 24 hours to 30-to-60 minutes, including building user profile data. Moreover, KACE appliances have enhanced security by making it easy to flag unauthorized software and automatically execute a removal script when affected machines join the SBCSS network.

SBCSS Keeps Students Secure with Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive Next-Gen Firewalls

To protect the countywide network from viruses, spam, spyware, intrusions and other threats, SBCSS relies on Dell SonicWALL’s award-winning SuperMassive next-gen firewalls. SBCSS replaced more than six point products with SuperMassive E10800 firewalls, alleviating bandwidth bottlenecks while increasing the ability to detect and block threats before they enter its network. With the combined power and intelligence of SonicWALL’s integrated firewall and intrusion prevention system, SBCSS can meet its scalability, reliability and performance needs.

Thanks to a seamless blend of SonicWALL and Dell 10+ GbE networking solutions, SBCSS also has streamlined its network infrastructure, significantly improved network capacity and reduced overall latency. This enables the county to keep up with ever-increasing connectivity demands resulting from new Common Core curriculum and assessment testing.

Additional Quotes:

Ted Alejandre, superintendent, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

  • "Dell has been a huge partner in our county, providing infrastructure, hardware, software and support in so many areas. As we face critical reforms in our education system and our needs of the future become more reliant on technological solutions, that partnership will be critical to successfully accomplishing our goals."
  • "The end-to-end Dell solutions we’ve implemented allow us to give better, more reliable and faster service to our customers, whether they’re teachers and students in the classroom, our administrative staff or other needs that this organization has on a spur-of-the-moment basis."

Dave Evans, system security research officer, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

  • "We know Dell embraces their products and backs their solutions, with one person we can go to for information and implementation. We now have a complete enterprise solution that is more efficient and secure than what we had in the past. We have a strong comfort level working with Dell-branded products."
  • "Dell is obviously ahead of the curve; their products are timely and available to us as we need them. SBCSS can enhance both our teaching and learning experience by offering a more secure, efficient environment, including SonicWALL SuperMassive for network security, Dell PowerEdge blades for our VM infrastructure, Dell networking devices at our network’s core and edge, Dell EqualLogic storage and KACE to manage and control all the desktops in our organization."

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