Object-Based Storage Device (OSD)

Optimize Management of Unstructured Information

Information is only as valuable as it is accessible — but keeping data readily available to meet compliance, governance and business intelligence requirements can be cumbersome and expensive. With Dell™ Object Storage solutions, you can finally end the trade-off between cost and accessibility, while simplifying your data management and expanding capacity.

The Dell DX Object Storage Platform is designed to access, store and distribute up to billions of files or other digital content, from archiving all the way to service offerings in the cloud. The platform uses an elegant, self-managing, future-proof and cost-effective peer-scaling architecture that is based on award-winning x86 standards-based rack server platforms from Dell. The platform is optimized for storage and includes fully integrated software for a complete end-to-end solution.

Because one size does not fit all, Dell is building solutions to address horizontal and vertical markets, such as healthcare, email and file archiving, cloud storage, e-discovery and enterprise content management. As part of this solution development, Dell is cultivating an ecosystem of technology partners that can leverage the Dell DX Object Storage Platform.

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