Resource Library

  1. Learn How to Modernize Your Windows Platform

    Learn how Dell Windows 7 and Windows 8 Workshop can help you identify issues and begin planning for application and hardware compatibility, and migration readiness.

  2. IT Consulting for Application Management

    Manage your client applications and simplify your Windows 7 migration with Dell Services IT Consulting for Application Management.

  3. Windows Application Migration

    Dell client hardware and solutions have been optimized for high-performance delivery, flexibility and reliability.

  4. Windows Application Compatibility Reporting

    Dell has developed a series of comprehensive Compatibility and Remediation services to help overcome the common problems found during OS migration and deployment projects.

  5. Managed Deployment Services

    Deploy systems faster and save costs with Dell Managed Deployment Services — an end-to-end automated managed deployment solution that provides comprehensive planning and project management to support your IT staff.

  6. Power Solutions: Windows 7 Migration Issue

    This special supplement to Dell Power Solutions magazine covers key issues related to Windows 7 migration in large enterprises.

  7. Top five Windows 7 Migration lessons to know for the future

    22 Aug 2012

    Learn best practices for implementing a successful Microsoft Windows 7 migration based on the experiences of various organizations. Discover how Dell ProConsult services can help with your OS migration strategy and deployment.

  8. Analyzing internal vs. external deployment strategies

    28 Mar 2012

    Review and compare the differences between internal and third-party deployment strategies, including the associated costs when migrating to Microsoft Windows 7 from old systems.

  9. Dell PC Optimized Deployment Model — IDC White Paper

    10 Jun 2010

    With Dell Optimized Deployment, companies can save up to 55 percent on PC deployment costs, according to IDC estimates.

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