Data Protection - BYOD & Mobility Solutions

Building the secure mobile enterprise.

Supporting mobile/BYOD initiatives requires remote data access through a broad array of computing device types and operating systems while also preventing costly security breaches. Because security risks lurk everywhere across the enterprise, this is no easy task. Dell Mobile/BYOD Solutions can help your organization maintain tight security no matter what devices, use cases, and mobile enablement strategies you support. Industry-leading security is a crucial piece of all of our offerings, and together, they offer peace of mind.

Dell security solutions are connected, working together for stronger protection and optimal usability, protecting your data from the endpoint to the data center, securing it in transit and at rest, controlling access to it, and guarding your organization from threats. 

Dell Data Protection Encryption                           Dell Data Protection | Encryption (DDP | E)
                           DDP | E protects corporate information by encrypting files
                           residing on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones as 
                           well as on external media and in public cloud storage.
                           Administrators can set policies based on users, groups and
                           data sensitivity and centrally manage them from a single,
                           remote management console.                 

Dell SonicWall Secure Remote Access Solutions                           Dell SonicWALL Secure Remote Access Solutions 
                           Our Secure Mobile Access Solutions deliver policy-enforced,
                           secure SSL VPN access to network resources and data for
                           a wide variety of mobile device types and platforms. Mobile
                           workers get access to resources and data they need, while
                           IT establishes access control policies and makes sure that 
                           only authorized users and validated mobile applications
                           and devices are granted VPN access. 
Dell Cloud Client Computing                           Dell Cloud Client-Computing
                           Dell Cloud Client-Computing helps you dramatically reduce  
                           your risk of data loss by centralizing user data, applications
                           and resources within a Wyse Datacenter infrastructure. 

Dell-SonicWALL-Next-Generation-Firewall-solutions                           Dell SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewall solutions

                           Our SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewall solutions perform
                           deep packet inspection, scanning each byte of every packet 
                           to provide deep network protection without slowing network 

Dell-SonicWALL-Clean-Wireless                           Dell SonicWALL Clean Wireless
                           With Dell SonicWALL Clean Wireless, you can secure the 
                           wireless connection and inspect and encrypt the traffic flowing
                           over the wireless network without affecting performance.

Dell-One-Identity                           Dell One Identity
                           This family of identity and access management (IAM) solutions
                           ensures that individuals have the right access to do their jobs. 
                           Organizations have the options to implement centralized, yet 
                           varying, security policies for a diverse enterprise, reducing  
                           disparate authentication methods and making it easier to
                           understand who is accessing what. 
Dell Networking W-Series                           Dell Networking W-Series 
                           Our wireless networking solutions help you implement BYOD
                           and provide guest access networks while ensuring bandwidth.
                           Centralized controllers, access points and instant access
                           points coupled with network management and access
                           management solutions provide security and functionality while
                           simplifying access deployment and management. Dell
                           Networking W-Series ClearPass provides visibility into network 
                           traffic and helps to define access policies and prioritize traffic.