• Get a comprehensive inventory of your applications 
  • Eliminate redundant, obsolete or unsupported applications 
  • Identify compatibility issues before you migrate

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Migrate applications more quickly and easily

Migrating applications is a manual, time-consuming process that requires skilled engineering resources to first identify, rationalize and test your entire application portfolio (potentially thousands of applications) for compatibility with the new operating system — and then remediate incompatible applications.

With the Dell factory approach to application migration, you’ll be able to reduce per-application migration costs, decrease your reliance on highly skilled engineers and budget your projects with greater certainty — while remaining confident that your applications will function properly with the new host operating system.

Working with Dell, you can take advantage of the following services:

  • Application Inventory: Get a comprehensive inventory of your entire application portfolio through Dell’s proprietary automated asset-discovery technologies.
  • Application rationalization: Eliminate redundant, obsolete or unsupported applications and determine which ones require packaging.
  • Application compatibility reporting: Identify compatibility issues with your current application portfolio so you can properly scope and budget for your migration project. Our experience and close partnership with Microsoft® means we can not only identify the applications that will require remediation, but also suggest the appropriate path.
  • Software virtualization and streaming: If you are considering implementing application virtualization, you can take advantage of our extensive experience in virtualization technologies from Microsoft, Altiris, VMware and Citrix.
To get started addressing your application migration issues, contact your Dell representative to schedule a facilitated workshop.