Custom Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Solutions

Focus on your business with custom VDI solutions suited to your unique requirements

Virtualize your desktop environment at your own pace and deliver an exceptional user experience on your budget, according to your needs. Your cloud client-computing approach to desktop virtualization should encompass data center hardware, management software, endpoints (including virus-immune thin and zero clients) and end-to-end services. Dell custom VDI solutions are designed to facilitate IT success.

Choose from various data center hardware and pre-tested software options (Citrix® VMware® Microsoft® or Wyse vWorkspace) that work for you so you can be successful:
  • Scale quickly. Dell cloud client-computing VDI solutions are easy to plan, deploy and run at scale.
  • Empower your workforce through greater mobility.
  • Optimize IT resources through simplified planning, installation, management and operation.
  • Improve security through enhanced protection of your data at both the data center and at your endpoints devices.
  • Better manage the total costs of your business.
Wyse Datacenter solutions from Dell are designed to integrate with your existing environment while offering a choice of desktop virtualization platforms. Choose from end-to-end solutions that use partner-validated reference architectures and purpose-built desktop virtualization environments.

Dell Blueprints for VDI and cloud client-computingDell Blueprints for VDI and cloud client-computing

Customize your solution with Blueprints, fully integrated, end-to-end reference architectures and engineered solutions that combine hardware, software and services into easily deployable solutions. Based on common use cases, they are tested and validated to ensure fast, reliable and predictable deployment of critical workloads.

Wyse Datacenter for Citrix XenDesktopWyse Datacenter for Citrix XenDesktop

A manageable, easy-to-deploy solution for Citrix XenDesktop with great performance, especially for graphics.

Wyse Datacenter for VMware Horizon 6 with View™Wyse Datacenter for VMware Horizon 6 with View™

A desktop virtualization/VDI solution that can power small-scale pilots to large-scale deployments.

Wyse Datacenter for Microsoft VDI and vWorkspaceWyse Datacenter for Microsoft VDI and vWorkspace

Provides opportunities for reduced storage costs with Microsoft built-in deduplication and Storage Spaces technologies, along with scalability and flexibility with Wyse vWorkspace.

Wyse Datacenter for VMware Horizon DaaS™Wyse Datacenter for VMware Horizon DaaS™

This complete solution enables service providers to implement an as-a-service infrastructure with simplified licensing, storage and end-to-end monitoring.

Contact a Dell Cloud Client-Computing specialist to discover how easy it is to improve security, manage IT and provide reliable flexibility for your users.
  1. Wyse ThinOS, Windows Embedded and Linux thin clients

    Wyse ThinOS, Windows Embedded and Linux thin clients

    Evolve to a simpler state of IT. Regardless of your desktop virtualization needs or preferred platform, our thin and zero clients can help you improve security, reliability and management.

  2. Wyse Cloud Connect

    Wyse Cloud Connect

    An ultra-compact device with outstanding portability, security and a rich user experience for accessing applications and content in the cloud, or acting as a content engine enabling the lowest cost digital signage solutions.

  3. Wyse management and virtualization software

    Wyse management and virtualization software

    As your number of clients grow, Dell offers Wyse management software that makes it easy and automatic to configure, monitor and maintain your Wyse thin and zero clients.

  1. Services

    A truly objective, cost-effective approach to IT services. Since we don't have proprietary, legacy hardware architectures to protect, our entire business is based on open architectures and x86 design principles.

  2. Deployment Services

    IT Consulting Services

    Maximize the value of your IT investments with Dell Information Technology (IT) Services and Consulting.