Network websites, databases, applications and end users are under constant attack by cyber criminals that target information systems to steal data used for financial gain. Simultaneously, organizations are under pressure to comply with regulatory mandates while increasing service levels and delivering strategic projects. Discover how Dell™ SecureWorks™ can help you improve security, increase operational efficiency, comply with regulatory requirements and reduce security costs. Learn about the information security and compliance services that SecureWorks offers.

 Dell SecureWorks offers comprehensive information security and compliance services suitable for midsize businesses. SecureWorks integrates global threat intelligence, proprietary technology and security expertise to protect you from cyber attacks 24/7. It delivers security services in the following areas:

  • Managed Security Services — provides network protection that safeguards the perimeter, critical internal assets, data, remote users and your clients
  • Counter Threat Unit (CTU) Intelligence Services — provides early warning and actionable information that help secure you against emerging threats and vulnerabilities
  • Security and Risk Consulting Services — provides expertise and analysis to help you manage risks, comply with regulatory requirements and align with industry best practices

 Dell SecureWorks handles the complexity of protecting you against cyber threats and eliminates the burden of security management and monitoring. SecureWorks delivers services depending on your resources and security program — from full outsourcing or comanagement, to monitoring and reporting only, or on-demand software as a service.